Almost There!!!

It's been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened in that time:

-Made new friends, one of whom I "met" through this very forum (Jordan, you rock! Where have you been all my life???)
-Got my first, real, professional job
-Lost said first, real, professional job (and it's their loss, those douchebags)
-My dad was in the hospital and had to have brain surgery (thankfully, in this case, they were able to fix the problem through a relatively non-invasine procedure)
-My family left for Israel for 3 weeks to visit my grandparents and other relatives. They're coming back tomorrow/today.
-Had an argument with my boyfriend, Mr. Marine himself.
-Resolved said argument with my love, and it made us actually stronger as a couple.
-Have been SUPER fortunate enough to hear from my man pretty damn regularly for the past few weeks. He was even able to call me a few times now (last week)!
-Said man is on his way back from deployment as we speak.
-Said man should be back in California and back in my arms in under 2 months. I AM SO F*CKING EXCITED!!!!
-Have been obsessing about finding the perfect outfit to wear when I am FINALLY reunited with my lover/man/boyfriend/Marine (take your pick in terminology - they all add up to the same, wonderful human being that I am madly in love with, hehe) - current outfit status: undetermined.

So that's what's been going on with me. How is everyone else doing? How soon do you guys get to see your men? For those of you currently going through deployment too, just as I am: I understand EXACTLY how you feel. If you guys ever want/need to talk about it, or want some advice, or just some support in general, please feel free to comment or message me - I'm here for ya. <3

Semper Fi,
D. =)
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

lol you awesome i'm really happy for you and you forgiven for going all mia on us hang tight - i'm glad he's coming home soon!!!

i'm alright i haven't told him i just think he needs to be here he cant change it although i knew he'll make it better i think it really can wait until he's home here where i know he's safe - that's where i am right now! thanks!

Like I already said, I've been here all along the real question is where have you been? ;) hahaha You rock just as much girl! :) I've really enjoyed our sometimes totally crazy conversations hahaha and uhhhh "Said man is on his way back from deployment as we speak." Is there something you need to tell me?! :D