How Do They Do It?!

I pretty much know that from now until AJ comes back our communication will be pretty limited from here on out it sucks but in a way its good our last conversation didn’t exactly end on the most awesome terms because it got cut off and I have no idea if I got through to AJ that I was fine to be honest its probably been the main thing bugging me since. The thing I hate most about deployments is I couldn’t pick up the phone actually say listen buddy I’m good just get your butt home – it sucked and I did everything I told you girls not to do. However I just got a email and I cant not share it with you remember the whole he knows what to say and how to say it and when to say it to make me feel like nothing in the world matters while this is like the best example as to why:

Hey My Love,
So I’ve been wrestling on this for a while and deleted it about a million times after our last conversation so hopefully this is the last one if not I’ll just delete it try again until I get it right I feel like its important I send you something anything so I’m a man on mission I’m going to get this right and fast too much time has already past.
I swear we’ve known each other for like 100 years and we may have bit of amnesia on the 72 years before now but I’m pretty convinced it was as it should us together I was probably your pet or something. My point is we know each other pretty well I can tell by the tone of voice what mood you in without a doubt in my mind you going through something right now I haven’t heard that tone in a very long time it almost sends shivers down my spine from the last time I heard. I know you going through something and I know it’s not good but I also know if you not telling me there’s a reason for that too so I’m basically plucking this stuff out of the air and grasping off straws trying to hit a nail head in the dark. I know why you cant get into it and I want to let you know that I’m going to drop it after this I know you in good hands and I know that you will eventually tell me but right now I feel like I have to say this before the fact so I really, really hope I get this through the right way.
When we got together we didn’t go in this blind we knew it would be hard considering we’ve lived it our whole lives we knew the score however what we didn’t know was how hard it could get. When I think about you and I and what we share I’m convinced it’ll last forever its something you don’t just throw away when the going gets tough. Stormy, I want you to know there’s no one in this world I trust more than you I close my eyes and see your face something happens and you the first person I want to tell when things go wrong its you I want to help me the craziest thing is it’s always been that way even when I was the little devil monster that gave you a hard time.  
So when you sad and when you seem like your world is falling apart I feel like I have to bulldoze my way through your life and figure out what’s up but something is telling me back the hell off on this which I’m going to do  shortly but not right now. I hate ‘seeing’ you hurt I hate it when I know you sad and I’m here and cant be there to make it better to hug you or listen or whatever the hell I have to do to make sure that you can look at whatever you facing at that moment head on. Storm you’ve faced some pretty rough stuff in the past and you have always come back fighting which is why I know this will be no different I have no idea what this but I know its big and just by your voice how crazy is that. This whole situation has got way more complicated by the fact that I cant simply pick up a phone or come over I feel like the more I leave this stuff unsaid the more I’m letting you down I know it’s only half true‼
I cant even begin to imagine what you going through to be honest I’m in the dark on this so trying to figure it out is as pointless as you finding the reason in F1 racing I want you to know that yes I’m far away but Stormy I’m still here I’m still the same person I was before. I will always be fine if you decide to say what you have to or in this case not you know I’m here and I promise you with every part of my being I’ll be here to catch you, you not going to fall because I’ve got you ALWAYS‼ Storm sometimes I feel like you put other peoples needs in front of your own and truly I think it’s probably one of your best qualities it’s a quality I’ve come to love and hate at the same time don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change it because it makes you who you are and it’s what I love about you. From the beginning we’ve always let each other in to our deepest darkest secrets we know each better than anyone in the world and only because we were there for each other we held each other’s hands through tough times, cried on each other’s shoulders when it got to much over the years things changed but one remained the same you and me, us we still best friends I’m still here for you I always will be and it will never change.
You are one of the bravest people I know you have one of the strongest minds around it hasn’t changed you still do what you do because you feel you have to I have said it before and I’m going to say it again you don’t anymore you don’t have to anything alone because I’m here right beside you. Stormy you push my limits everyday in ways you’ll never know but it’s always the same I may feel like it’s the end of the road then you come up with a new concept to get my mind working again – I feel like its my turn deep down I think I know it is‼ I got you I always have I’ll help you in anyway I can and if it means never mentioning this again then so be all I want you to remember is I love you, I’m here for you and I will ALWAYS be here for you none of that has changed all I want is for you to be happy do what have to because I know everything will turn out the way it should even though its frigging hard for me to drop this but I am I trust your judgment and I trust you in more ways than one  you’ll get through it the way you always do the way I know you will because you always do. When you ready know that I’ll always be here for you its never changed and it never will as long as we have each other we can do anything. I just more than anything in world want you to be fine for me I don’t care whether you wobbly and a bit wonky I’m fine with that as long as I know your heads in the right place – from what I got it is so don’t worry about where I am on this I’m fine too I promise‼
I love you Storm so be stay safe for me I’ll be home soon I’m counting the days‼
Love always,
Storm25 Storm25
26-30, F
5 Responses May 21, 2012

That is such a wonderful letter, you and AJ are so great. you inspire so many of us on here and getting to read the letters he sends you just shows what a great guy he is. y'all are perfect for each other, i'm sure that letter really helped :) Good luck with everything <3

That was an incredibily beautiful letter Storm!!! The part of the story that keeps ringing to me is when he said, "Stormy you push my limits everyday in ways you’ll never know but it’s always the same I may feel like it’s the end of the road then you come up with a new concept to get my mind working again – I feel like its my turn deep down I think I know it is‼" Rest assure, when he gets home he will help you figure out how to deal with the circumstances, he's more then prepared and so are you. :) Good luck and if you ever need to talk don't hesitate to message me.

That is so sweet and I'm sure that is what you needed to hear. I would be in tears if I was in the same situation! I understand completely why you haven't told him yet, though I know you will (sooner or later, more than likely when he comes home safe). Stay strong and remember that you are loved!

Aww! I love how he calls you stormy (: lol

That's so sweet. What a good man.