It's Been A Week!

It has been a week since the last time i saw you. Seems so much longer. This weekend has a hard weekend, you were suppose to be with us on Saturday. I was constantly thinking about you that day, I just couldn't stop. My mom kept asking what was wrong and i told her what do you think. I am hanging in there for you baby, I knoe your fine, i don't have to worry about you. Today has been hard becauseĀ I have lunch with you on Monday's and Wednesday's. One week down, 11 more to go. I am patiently waiting for that first letter, starting to get impatient. I love you to the moon and back. See you soon. <3
mrsmontano425 mrsmontano425
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

Im think wednesday or thursday i'll get my first. It gets me excited. I miss him like crazy and I am not giving up on this, i last 6 years without him i think i can last 3 months. I fit true love then its worth it ((: <3

i can't wait for you to get your first letter! its like christmas all over again!! i got my first letter 15 days from the day he left, but i got three letters the first time because they kept all the letters until they sent them, so i was happy about that! So yeah about 2 weeks. My boyfriend left April 2nd and i miss him more and more every day! But we'll all get through this together. It will all be so worth it!! I love talking to girls who are in the same situation, so please if you have any questions or if you just want to talk just message me, im always here!:)

I am trying to be patient but its just so hard being away from him. I put a picture in his address book that he can look at everyday. He has only been gone a week and and I have written 3 letter, made him a birthday card and got him a support card. I'm being patient and hanging in there, its hard to when your so deep in love with someone and use to seeing them and talking to them all the time. Thank you! It means a lot :)

You should be getting one within the next 7 days! :D Stay positive, strong, busy, and patient and you will be just fine! (: Just know he loves and misses you a ton! Send him pictures, he'll love those (: You'll see him before you know it!! Semper Fi <3