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So this isn't Marine related but it just reminded me that things don't work out so better things can happen to you, my boyfriend is that better thing. Almost two years ago my ex broke up with me and I did everything to try to get back with him. Before the end of that summer there was a going away party for my friend that my ex was also friends with. So I had shown up right after getting back from the club so I was looking hot. I had gotten there early hoping that I would see my ex and he would want me back, something happened that I didn't expect though. He had just left when I got there but this is where my love story with my boyfriend began. Getting there earlier trying to show off for my ex made me get there just in time to meet Rob and hang out with him later that night. Which lead to a friend request and giving me his number and from there where we are today.
So yesterday we were at a friend's house and I was talking to one of my girlfriends who was texting my ex and making fun of another new couple that was there and was sickly all over each other. Well later we were talking about people who we had talked to/been with in the group and she knew I had been with my ex and I was saying how he is all awkward and what not. She told me it was because he had made a mistake. That he was upset that I was happy and he wished that he never broke up with me. If this was two years ago I would have been happy to hear that. Now I'm just happy that he did make that mistake that I did meet Rob when I did and that I have found the one I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. So if things end, just remember that fate will bring you to the person you are supposed to be with. Things will work out in the end :) On a side note I've never been happier with Rob. We are having a great time and our one year anniversary is in less than two weeks :)
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i can relate to your story as well! I was in a similar situation with my ex where I thought he was "the one" and I tried everything in my power to get him back. In fact my fiancé now even met him a couple times back when we were just co workers. Fate brought me & Nestor together. Thanks to our job lol. This is the happiest I've been. Everything always works out so nice. When it's meant to be, its meant to be <3

Aw i totally agree with everything and happy Ani!!!

Thank you :)

Thank you for posting!! :) I was in a similar situation when my last ex and I broke up I was in such a bad place, thinking I would never be happy again and that he was the one. And now I'm in a MUCH better relationship with my marine who is just a better person overall. It's important to always remember that you only see a rainbow after a storm :)

So happy to hear that :) And exactly!