What To Expect?

Hi Ladies,
So my marine should be home in a few short weeks from his first deployment.. I have but one question.. What should I expect when he gets back? I know things wont be the same as they were before he left.. Everything has changed between us.. Any advice ladies?
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

Patience is everything. you cant really expect anything because everyone is different when they come home. Mine turned to drinking. we actually broke up for a while. My fiance had a very bad experience over there. The nightmares are the worst. So are the after effects of everything. They may be mean and even turn there backs on you but you just have to show them that you love/care about them through everything. Just be patient and understanding. if you ever need to chat just message me :)

Patience is key. Don't expect too much from him. Mine gets angry/frustrated pretty easily and then kinda shuts down a little. Give him space don't try to cling to him even though I'm sure you want to especially since you haven't seen him in what feels like forever. Also make sure you don't really ask about things that have happened over there. If he wants to talk/share things let him and listen to him but don't push it. Just basically be there for him and support him as best you can. My boyfriend has been back for over a month now and we're still working on being together. If you need to talk I'm here!