Need To Vent

I need to vent! I have called a few of my friends about this and they just don't say the right things lol... so I'll get out some frustration thru writing and if you ladies have any comments about it- feel free! :)

My ex (I have two daughters with him) is a piece of CRAP. Like the absolute WORST guy/husband/father there is. REALLY- I am not just an angry ex, he really sucks, (he was/is abusive towards me in EVERY form) Anyways, he has a new girlfriend (who has two kids of her own) and they have been together for like 3 weeks, and she practically lives with him. Now, I gave him an ear-full about how bad this is for our girls, but I can't control him, so what he does is his problem and I basically pray that me being a good mother will at least outweigh him being a bad father. I hope I will still be able to raise them with proper morals and values in life- ANYHOO! Ian and I have been together for EIGHT months, and the girls JUST officially met him in April, (approx us being six months together)... He is deployed right now so when he skyped on Sat they were able to say hi with me. Long story short, my ex thinks what I am doing is unhealthy and says "It is destructive and teaches our kids bad things". He also got REALLY ticked when he found out that they drew Ian pictures, just jealous I think. I just don't know how to deal with him.... He thinks I'm gonna break up with Ian during the deployment just because I left him. Like, every relationship is different, and the main difference is IAN is BETTER THAN YOU! So WHY would I leave him?! Like DUH! The entire conversation really got me down in the dumps because he basically said I am a bad mother for being a good girlfriend, but then he said I'd leave him cause I can't handle it. He sucks and I dont care what he thinks about me, but he had his neice spy on me on Facebook and got all pissy cause I took one of my best friends to a male ***** club for her bachelorette party. FIRST OF ALL- I ASKED IAN IF IT WAS OK THAT I WENT. If he wasn't comfortable with it, I wouldn't have gone. And SECOND of all- I am a GROWN *** WOMAN and I can LEGALLY go to places like that. I am 22 and that was the first ***** club I've ever been to and it wasn't just for sh**s and giggles, it was for her PARTY- and SHE chose it, not ME! Pssssh. UGH. Oh and his neice called me to tell me that his new gf, again NOT even been together for a MONTH, is preggo with his baby. Those of you who have children KNOW that it is VERY VERY RARE to find out you are pregnant THAT soon. So, IF she is pregnant; it isnt his, and IF it IS his, WHO cares, NOT my problem?! I just don't get why people have to start drama, or bring up some crap just to stir the pot?! I DO NOT CARE WHAT HE DOES AS LONG AS IT DOESNT NEGATIVELY AFFECT MY DAUGHTERS. I know Ian is a GREAT guy and would be an EXCELLENT father/stepfather and that is the ONLY reason he met my babies. And that is also one of the reasons why I wait for him and why I will NEVER cheat on him! I love him and althought it may suck for my ex, we ended for a reason! That has no affect on my new healthy happy relationship and I dont need ANYONE telling me what I can or cannot handle. I know I cannot handle a lifetime WITHOUT Ian (by choice) so I will wait as long as it takes. Hmmmph! TAKE that! :P

I just do not need this kind of immature garbage- especially when I am stressed during a deployment! :(
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Oh your ex does suck. Don't worry so does mine........

It is crazy and i hope you feel better but honestly what you do with you life isn't his problem anymore you split up because you wanted to get away from him the only reason you connected is because of your kids that's it what you do now has nothing to with him. seriously he's most probably doing this to get a raise out of you - bottom line it has nothing to do with him you don't have to explain yourself to anyone you know your relationships and that's enough everything else every person that has something to say about it shouldn't mean a dam thing to you don't fall into the trap because you don't ever have to go there. When AJ and I got together in the beginning i found myself continually having pointless arguments about us only to realize AJ and i were AJ and i and it had nothing to do with anyone i don't argue anymore because they have their stupid opinions i just know everyday i prove them wrong the amazing thing is arguments aren't worth it, its' waste of time and energy and breath walkaway you better than that raise above it he sounds like he has so much anger in him and you right you dont need it ignore it because he will eventually get bored - hope you feel better!!

Thanks Storm! I know, it just takes ALOT of will power to ignore when people need to be put in their place lol!

Damn!!!! That is some crazy stuff.... your new man seems good stick by him!! And your ex... **** him!! Just ignore his crap he probably just misses you.... and I would delete the niece... you don't need the extra drama... and I think I'd only be unhealthy to your kids if you continuously introduce them to different men... but if its just him they'll be able to understand. Yea deployments suck!! I'm going through one too.... keep your head up girl!!<br />
semper fi

Funny thing is I had her BLOCKED on Fb. She contacted my SISTER. Like it was an emergency or something... :S She was just ITCHING to start problems, but I ended it there, I wrote about it- got it off my chest and now I'm back to being my happy go lucky self :D and yes... deployments REALLY suck :( If you need a shoulder I'll be here ;)

What the hell?? That girls got to much time on her hands.... lol and thanks girl... I'm here for you too!! :-) I just can't wait for him to come home already... its taking forever!!!