Tyler & Maria

Hi! My name's Maria and my boyfriend is Tyler. I'm 21 and he is 20. We met in high school. I had a huge crush on him for the longest time, and even prayed for a little help. A friend of mine, not knowing about my crush, hooked us up for prom. He was my first love, and that night I knew in my heart he was the only one for me. We officially started dating that summer, and we have now been together for four years. He is 1452 miles away at boot camp. 24 more days until I see him again, and 25 until Graduation!!! :)
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Aw yay it's really going to fly by i'm really happy for you!! I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance he's currently deployed now but will be home soon we've been best friends for our whole lives and i have never regretted making that decision it's not easy but i've have never been happier!! welcome!!

I really hope it does! :) Y'all have been best friends your whole lives and y'all are getting married! Wow! That is amazing! Really sweet.

The 24 days will go by in no time! It's going to be sooo beyond amazing when you get to see him again, and in that uniform we all obviously love. ;) My name is Jordan, my husbands name is Tyler (which is funny cause that's your bfs name also! :D) We've been together for 2 years and married for 6 months as of 4 days ago but he deployed two weeks about we got married and his deployment is almost up! So I know how much anxiety your feeling with the last few days!!! It's a killer but it will honestly go by in a bl<x>ink of the eye and when you see him all that lonely time makes sense again. :)

Haha! Definitely gonna love that uniform! ;) Your husband is Tyler!! That is funny. I bet you are very ready to see him! Good thing it's almost up. I really hope it goes by in a blink of an eye. I'm sooo ready to see him!

Awe yay! (: I loved the graduation!! It was AMAZING!! You'll never get bored. Hopefully it won't rain or storm that day cause my bf's had to be inside, since they thought it was going to rain and storm. It finally did like 2 hours later!! LOL. It was really nice on Family Day though, so I was happy about that (: Cali is amazing! I really want to go back! It's a once in a lifetime experience. It was crazy to see how much he changed. He gained a TON of muscle! lol. His voice was gone for about the first couple of day haha. That was the best week ever though!!

I'm super excited for the Graduation. Everyone keeps telling me I'm not gonna have a clue which one he is. Hopefully it won't storm. haha I've never been anywhere so I'm ready too see Cali as well...not so ready for the plane ride. His voice was gone! Wow!...

It went by so fast though lol. You probably won't really know unless you look up close LOL. The only reason I knew which one was mine was because he was guide, otherwise I probably wouldn't have until the moto run. Yeah, hopefully it doesn't storm! It's amazing. You won't want to leave lol. Do you not like planes? haha. Yeah, I was like dang lol. But, I wasn't really surprised.

Really!?! I bet you are super excited! He is graduating in California, MCRD. After he finishes the SOI, he's going through the BRC, basic reconnaissance course. When he passes that he receives additional schooling, which includes airborne jump master, mountain warfare and assault climber, oh and close-quarters battle training. He really wants to do Recon. What about Zack? Where is he graduating from and what MOS is he going into?

Aww! Congrats! My bf, Zack, graduates this Friday! We have been together for almost four years as well. :) Where is Tyler graduating from and what MOS is he going in to?

My boyfriends name is zack too! lol he hates it when ppl spell it with a C or an H......n aww i love relating to stories on here msantillan...my boyfriend and i met in high school too, i had the biggest crush on him but he started dating my friend who didnt know about it, that only lasted a week thank god and weve been together pretty much ever since...a little break at college but that was because i couldnt handle the marine thing at first....but even when were were broken up we taked every day, saw eachother everyday and hugged like crazy..lol

Wow! What a coincidence. haha Good thing your friend and him didn't last long. Awe! It's like y'all never really broke up.