I've been trying to contain my excitement so I can get the things finnished that I need to...but its not working so well tonight. My bf Zack graduates boot camp on Friday! I feel like a laser traped in a room of mirrors!

I am so excited to see him for the first time in three months! I can't wait to see how much he has changed mentally and physically! I can not wait to get to just touch him again and hear his voice!

I've done very well so far, only a few crying spats for about five mins each, while he has been gone. I'm ready to see him though! I am extreemely thankful that I live in NC, because he is going to SOI at Jacksonville after his leave, so I can go visit him when he gets weekend liberty.

On top of all that, my best friend from Florida (where I lived for two years) told me she is moving up here! Farm and all! So if I have to stay in NC after Zack gets his first duty station, I will have a full time job and a place to stay, because she can pay me to work on the farm! That is my dream job! To work with animals, and after helping her out on the farm in Fl, to work with horses. :)

So obviously, if he proposes I will say yes (we have been dating almost 4 years) but if he doesn't or wants to hold off on a wedding (again just the thought, nothing said yet) I will have a place to live and a full time job that pays decently! I'm super excited about it all, and we will have to see what happens once everything is said and done, but I is looking like I have a bright future! Besodes the fact that he is coming home of course!

Stay strong ladies! And thank you for all your posts and comments! Just because I don't post or comment, don't think I don't read most of them! All of you have been helpful!

Semper Fidelis!

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3 Responses May 22, 2012

Aw i'm so happy for you try keep sane its nearly there and enjoy every second i'm really excited for you!!

Awe yay! (: I'm happy for you! You're going to be so happy! I remember when I went, I was so happy that I was speechless LOL. That never happens to me either haha. I finally opened up more on the actual graduation day. Enjoy the time he has home! It's amazing!!! :D

Thanks! I'm already prepared, I bought waterproof mascara and eyeliner! Lol! I know I'm going to be so happy that I will cry, I don't want runny makeup when I get to see him.

I know we will enjoy the time home too, because he already said in a letter that the first two days home are for me and our cat! Lol.

Awe! lol. I didn't actually cry when I saw him. I think I was in shock LOL. But I was EXTREMELY happy haha. My smile never left my face that whole week lol. Awe that's cute! I spent like everyday except for 2, I think, with him. It was the best thing ever. He even slept over right before he left! (:

Sorry for the typos! I was posting from my phone and got carried away in my excitement to finnish re-reading my post!