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Hello My name is jenny and Im new to this Group... of course I googled this website lol! I have read some stories from some of you all and WOW I cried, laughed and can truly relate to some of ya'll.

Well My Boyfriend graduated two weeks ago, and I enjoyed the road trip to South Carolina with his family. It was a nice adventure coming back home with him :) ! I felt those three months passed fast to be honest but anyways...I saw him a few hours after the motivation run.. and he looked so handsome with his uniform! I cried and started to shake when I first saw him...Im not trying to sound to much but i seriously had that Jack and Rose moment from the Titanic HAHAHA!. His 10 days back were nice it felt good sleeping with him every night but I felt like I should have gave him more space.. I mean he was with his family and friends some days so i wasn't with him everyday, as long as hes happy I'm happy you know? but if I had the chance to change a few things I would def do it. Well he left on Monday to North Carolina for another 6 months...If feels weird not having him around again, but Whatever he does and wherever he is, he knows i support him 100%. He comes back around November (my birthday month) and i cant want for him to come back.! I truly love my Boyfriend Marines and also am PROUD! not only for him but to ALL our Marines!

I would like to make some friends here btw I dont have friends who are with a Marine... :( so I came here :D
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Hey and welcome! I am Aly and my husband is Trey he is currently stationed in Japan and away on a mission with no communication at the moment. I hope that you find some help that you need here. That is what this place is for! I found it 3 years ago through google as well.. My husband went through all of his training in NC so if you need to talk message me anytime. Good luck with everything.

Hey Aly thank you so much and hope everything goes well for you too!

Welcome to the group! My name is sabrina and my marine is currently deployed, This group is simply wonderful and has helped me so much! Feel free to message me! :)

Hey Sabrina and thank you! im here to talk as well :) and i agree everyone here are so wonderful

You are welcome!! :) Message me anytime!

Hello ^.^ I'm Sarah and my bf, Zack, is graduating boalsoot camp on Friday. I leave in about an hour to make the drive to SC. <br />
<br />
Weclome to the group! All the ladies here are wonderful!<br />
<br />
Also when in November? (My b-day is in Nov too :p )

awww yay its an awesome trip! i loved it and nov 20th :D so im guessing your a Scorpion too?

It was an awesome trip! Hence why I haven't answered yet :p

And I am deffinatly a scorpio too considering my bday is Nov 20th too! :D

Welcome! I'm Elizabeth..I live in NC with my husband and daughter..this site has definitely helped me alot..all these girls are amazing! I hope it does the same for you that it does for me..keep in touch:)

Hey Elizabeth ! aww how old is your daughter?! thank you for being sweet

her 1st birthday is today actually!

Hi my name is Katherine. and I am also with a Marine (Ryan). stationed at Camp Pendleton. This website is really helpful and you find the sweetest most supportive people on here. If you ever need to talk feel free to message me :)

Hi :) thank you for the friendly comment! and yes im here to talk to as well! thanks for your kindness !

Hii there My names Morgan I'm still kind of new too, I also googled it lol. but this site really helps, everyone is sweet and gives great advice(: I find myself thinking way more positive then I used to. So welcome:) if you ever need to chat just message me!

Thank you so much :) yes I'm so happy i joined it does help out a lot ...same goes for you I'm always here to talk too :)

Hey, I'm Storm and AJ is my fiance we've known each other for a very long time he's currently deployed now and getting home soon i cant wait really!! Well welcome!!

Love your name! very unique! and congrats with your engagement :) thank you ! and how do you feel about him being deployed?