So .....its Been A While!!

Wow its been frigging forever to be exact the last time I posted was 19th July 2011 lol I know and I’m sorry‼ I see there’s A LOT of newbies and I vaguely remember some others and as for the old timers HEY‼

Alright so for those of you who don’t know me here’s a quick run down: I’m Sam, Jason is my husband we’ve known each other since we were both 20 I was new in Hawaii and he was the creepy part time barman/detective that stalked me in the parking lot but over breakfast we became friends and then later fell in love he joined the marines went through boot camp and on his 10 day leave he proposed we got married 6 months later on the 3rd July 2010 then on the 3 of April 2011 we had our twins a little girl and a little boy they now 13 months now and our pride and joy lol we don’t like dull moments in our lives‼ That’s all you need to, to know‼
Things have been crazy Jord and Sav keep Jas and I so busy we constantly running around after them sometimes I actually wonder whose the boss in the house they’ve started walking and think that the world should revolve around them constantly they’ve found their voices and there isn’t a moments piece in this place – I thought it would drive me insane but I finally understand the whole it’s different when its yours it really is‼ they starting to show their personalities as well and they’ve uttered their first words Savannahs was dada and Jordan’s was mama ultimately wrapping mommy and daddy around their little fingers even more than we already are we now at the stage of pointing things out and saying words which come out a little weird and it never fails to be more than cute‼ I’ve deciphered baby babble and can actually have a whole conversation with them and get it‼

Jas and I are better than ever before we went through our first deployment and had a communication ban on the whole thing he is Special Ops so I know we’ll have more fun times are ahead of us that’s for sure. It was hard I two brand new babies and I was barely holding on there for a bit but came back and from something I thought would literally break the camels back in this relationship however it was Jord and Sav that brought me back they could read my moods if I was sad they were too if I happy I had the perfect little angels they forced me to just keep going and I realized I had to and not for me but them they got me through it and I know from here on out they will always do that it more than just me and Jas now its about them now too and I have to be strong for them if I’m fine they will too if not all hell breaks loose and it’s never pretty. Since then Jas has been on mini missions and they always last minute and they always come in from left field I’ve started getting used to it although its still not easy to do and I don’t think it ever will be all I know is I love him he’s the father of my children and letting go isn’t ever easy but its part of my life now I’ve come to terms with it and Jas has never been this happy he gets all Captain America on me and his face just lights up I know that as long as I see that look in his eye and his face lighting up the way it does I will do this – he loves his job and that’s what counts‼

In the meantime I started a charity it’s called the Forgotten Soldier its for vets and current soldiers that have no family or family far away that don’t have money to get them over or come to Hawaii. It includes all branches and it just took off without me even realizing what was happening it started off with a conversation with Storm and her boss about how many people were in the hospital that couldn’t afford it or were doing their whole recovery alone I then had a chat to my old boss and we both came up with an adopt a soldier concept. Companies or families adopt these soldiers they help with their medical care go visit whatever they just help them out the next thing I knew my old boss challenged all their clients and competition and the next thing it spread like wild fire. The next thing I knew people were collecting money for the hospital and my phone never stopped ringing we got a construction company and real estate agent that sets up house for them or their families which is rent free for there whole company even the people that couldn’t do any of this asked me what they could do I organized a ‘candy *****’ set up in the hospital and the next thing I knew there people in the streets collecting money. Recently we branched out to vets where we actually get them jobs and care of them whether its medical or mental we offering it also as recent as last week a rehab clinic and spa jumped on bored as well‼ the nice thing is a lot of the wives and girl/boyfriends and fiancé all jumped on board as well this whole thing is run by significant others of military SO’s they organize it but the community is running with it. All of this restored my faith in humanity people do actually care I was beginning to think we were all out for ourselves for a bit but there’s proof now‼

Jas and I also finally had that honeymoon we’d been speaking about for a really long time. He surprised me by packing my bag and driving me to the airport and then said, ‘Oh didn’t I tell we going to Iceland for two weeks.’ My mommy instincts kicked he laughed and told me granny and grampa were already taking care of it and off we went ok yes it was that simple there had to be a lot more convincing on his part! We had an amazing time it was just what we needed we hadn’t had alone time in so long that just being with each other was more than enough‼ He wasn’t being serious about it being Iceland either we went home to visit my family then my sister and we went on a road trip through America we had no plan no destination we just drove and drove and drove and sometimes we’d stay over and sometimes not it was probably the most fun we’ve had in a while we had our honeymoon on the road lol‼

Oh I nearly forgot Hails and I have sorted our stuff out for those of you who don’t know Hails is my older sister and we didn’t get along at all we were constantly at each others throats when Jas joined the marines it got 10 times worse but between boot camp and getting engaged I took her on and we were on better terms however it wasn’t until I got married and fell pregnant and had the kids that we got closer! During Jas’s first deployment she came to visit and its probably the first time we hashed it out with each other we better than ever before! Hails is one of the most important people in my life she hated Jas seriously she couldn’t stand him and now they best friends – I’m telling you this because there’s always hope Hails and I speak everyday sometimes twice she’s the one person I know doesn’t understand our situation not that I will ever expect her too but she accepted it after I called her out on it but she respects it and that’s all I can ask for I’m never going to ask for more than that – it took a really long time for us to get where we are today we in a good place and I feel like finally I have my sister back‼ More news on the Hailey front is she got married early this year she’s moved to Boulder to be closer to mom and dad and opened her own lodge in the mountain she doing her Cheffy thing and hubby will be back from the UK in couple of days and take over the running of the lodge from her! Long term goal is he’ll take over the lodge and Hails will open an exclusive restaurant her own she’s been dreaming of it since we were kids and I couldn’t be prouder of her I couldn’t lol wow I’m getting all teary eyed‼

So that’s it for now I hope you all well and doing great if not that’s ok too give in and just try again tomorrow‼

I missed you guys, DAMIT ALL‼‼
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lol i was JUST thinking where you were yesterday! glad to see you're back a bit :)

lol i'd say its telepathy!!

HOLY CRAP!!!! I can not believe that there is a post from you on here!!!! HAHAHA!!!! So good to hear from you though and know all is well and you sound SOOO happy and that things are going so well!!!! So good to hear after all the trying times you had last year! I am so glad to hear that the chairty is still going strong and that you are doing well with it. Hope to hear from you again soon!! <br />
<br />

lol hey Aly thanks sweety and i'm working on a very long email which is headed in your direction - i'm doing it between herding the kids so its a stop start thing lol chat soon i'll get better at this eventually!!

Thank you so much for posting this I loved it!! It's so nice to read a happy story :) Congrats on all of your accomplishments I'm so happy for you! Thank you again for posting! :)