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Hey ladies its hard for me to say this but i had one sad mornings. My boyfriend broke up with me and Im trying to understand why...

well before he left to NC for 6 months he did mention us having a "break" but did not do it when he was here on his 10 days...until 2 days after he left...I don't know what I should feel about his decision? I dont know what I should do, but at least hes doing it for the right reasons? (im guessing) Well all i can do is accept right? maybe give him time? I seriously dont know what to do (HELP)...When we talked he said he wanted to focus more with his career and training. That he couldnt handle a relationship right now, he wanted me to not worry about him but to keep in touch with him (which Im like o.O confused with what he wants)... Im just sad about the whole thing really :/ His mom and I talked today and she made things better for me, so what i plan to do is not worry about the break up and focus with my college life and work ...and give him the space that he needs but to always be there! I'll keep on praying for him and hopefully to one day he comes back to me...i still want to stay faithful even if it means doing it as friends.because I care about him regardless...but am I doing the right thing? I need someones advice towards this...hopefully I made sense :I
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My ex did something veryy similar to me 2 years ago. So I decided that I would give him space and stay faithful....I stayed faithful for a year and a half waiting for him. He still loved me and it was obvious, but he just wasn't ready for a relationship and I was. So, live your life have fun and go out. You can wait a little while to test the waters and see why he is doing this, but don't wait forever. Its not fair to you. Hope things work out for y'all! Maybe he just got a little freaked out and is goin to come around soon!! :)

thank you! But how are you now? Did he ever come back to you?

Well we broke up got back together dated for 3 months broke up again for a few months for the same reason. Got back together then broke up AGAIN! I was heart broken every time. Then I met Ryan and he is soo much better for me and we are on the same page for everything. Lee, my ex texted me a few weeks ago tellin me he messed up and that he was stupid to break up with me and wanted me to go back to him. I laughed at him because I did that 3 times and waited for soo long and always had the same outcome. Now I have a guy who treats me better, and is soo happy to have me in his life. And we are planning to get married 9/21/13. Nothing for sure yet obviously.

In short, it's ok to wait for a little while, if it happens again, run. For now, keep your options open because if I wouldnt have decided to stop waiting around on Lee when I did I would have missed out on the best thing that ever happen to me.

Wow.. and yes your def right about keeping my options open...im taking day by day you know? already planned goals i wanted to accomplish in life! and to be honest it feels good...Im happy that you have someone who cares in your life:) its funny how guys seem to always come back...but for some they come when its late or at the wrong time smh! YAY CONGRATS! you must feel excited for marriage :)!

Yea I understand! In that time I was broken up with him I graduated and now have a job and things are going really well for me in my life. Meet Ryan at my graduation party. :) and thanks!! The marriage isn't official yet. I want him to meet my family and get my dads permission first. But I made him pick a date with me so I can start dieting and planning accordingly. Lol

oh niceee! and wow how exciting... huge step meeting the parents! i wish you the bestt! and good luck for him with meeting the family and getting your dads approval!

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Yea i agree with Storm... just give him his space and continue to live your life and focus on your goal. Good luck girl!!

Yes its all i can do you know, his mom said that it was time to be selfish with myself and to focus with what I want in life...which i agree and thank you!

Hey, i think it's the best thing to do let him sort out his own stuff I wouldnt however wait for him to make up his mind keep living your life if and when the time is right then you'll both know - i'm sorry you going through this but you sound like you handling it pretty well as well!!!

yea your right and ill stick around, i mean we started as really good friends and Im surprised with the way i handled it too! If God made it this way its for a reason right? And im not the type to fight...i'll accept and just support him! But I have faith he will come around :) thank you storm! your wonderful!!!!