Neeed Advice, I Think I Might Pregnant!!

We were trying to get pregnant when he was home on his last leave. he came home April 7th and left april 30th. My last period was april 24th. it lasted the right amount of time. I took a prego test but im soo antsy to find out my mother tells me i took it tooo soon. (whens the best time?) I was due to start the 22- 24. i know tomorrow is just now the 24th.. but i havnt had any signs of my period AT ALL. & today i woke up with sore nipples.. SORRY for being blunt. i've also beeen realllllly tired i find myself sleeeping thru the day, and when i am up and movin im extremely moody, more pissy then normal. I have also had major stomache pains. I need advice really i dont know what to think of it all. Please help!

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It's still early..and if you think your pregnant your body can start showing signs of pregnancy and have your period start a little late when your really not pregnant at all. So I agree with storm. Deep breath relax, wait until you have officially missed your period and then take the test again. Best of luck though!! <br />
Oh and this is extremely rare but I do have a friend who was pregnant and it never showed up on a urine pregnancy test. If you officially miss your period and the test is still negative go get blood work done.

Thank you ill def keep that in mind.. So wait about another weeek?

Definitely. Maybe a little longer even. Just after you officially missed your period.

Those are all signs of pregnancy.... lol why are you freaking out?? You said you were trying... well they usually say that you can take a test 5 days before your missed period. And if your pregnant there's still a chance you could be pregnant... because i was... lol didn't know till like 3 months in... but had the signs. Take another test if not now then in a day of two... how exciting!!! Good luck!! Message me if you have any questions ... <br />
semper Fi

Thankkk you haha. and i ment "freking out in a goood way like im excited haha.(:

Well hope you are then girl... good luck!!

I hopee soo to.(: &amp; Thank youuu.

Semper Fi &lt;3

Hi i think you did take the test too early periods arent an exact science i say take another toward the end of the month but i also think it's pretty early even then the easiest thing you can do is go to a GP and get a blood test. More importantly just relax i'm serious just relax and stop thinking about it i know it's hard but it really is too early to tell right now you have to wait a bit.

Im def trying to stay calm and relax its just im soo excited haha!(: &amp; thank you.