So I hate ever feeling Upset at my boyfriend. But we have planned on this weekend him coming home. Now all of sudden money was taken out of his account and he can't afford it. I know he's stressed out because his contract is up on the 31st and he hasn't heard Anything back about him reenlisting or not. It just makes me so mad. He could have been saving to come visit. I don't want to tell him I'm upset or lecture about why he didn't save money to visit cause he's already beyond stressed about not knowing what's going to happen next with his career. :/ I always try to save money and he tells me he's doing the same, well obviously not cause look. Ugh, is it wrong for me to be irritated.?
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Totally understand,Jimmy is bad about saving money and it drives me crazy,Why do you have to eat out everynight drink every weekend and go see the same movie more than once..Really makes me mad..I agree with the other girls right now maybe not say anything.He's got a lot of stress on him and im sure its even worse now that he cant come and see you....Hope you guys get to be with each other SOON!

Exactly isn't it irritating. Thanks girly I hope I see him too(:

Ryan is terrible at saving money. we were scared he was not going to be able to afford taking leave at one point. he will say he is saving money but then go out ot eat every day and go to the movies all the time. even spoil one of his best friends kids. I get pretty irritated because now he is complaining about not having alot of money to spend while home. I would hold off on an actual talk about it though. He is probably already stressed about not seeing you. and with the reenlistment stuff he already has stuff in his shoulders. I hope you guys get to see each other soon!

Right. I wouldn't get so irritated if he didn't spend his money then complain about it. I'm definitely going to hold off on the talk until he gets everything figured out he doesn't need anymore stress. I hope I see him soon thanks(:

I definitely understand the frustration. My bf sucks with money. I would hold off on an actual lecture but he should understand that ur upset since you expected to spend time with him but remember he's also probably upset that he can't see you. Hope you he figures out his reenlistment stuff and u get to see each other soon!

Thanks girl! I hope so too. I've never seen him so stressed out before. Ill definitely hold off on the lecture.