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Hi ladies! I need your help. I managed to finally get a job in Jacksonville NC however we are having trouble finding a place to live. Do any of you ladies know of a home for rent that allows a 50 lb dog that is no more than 750 a month? That's all we can afford at this time until my pay goes up. I found one apartment place called Liberty Crossing. Has anybody heard of this place and if so what can you tell me about it? I would rather not be in an apartment because the pet fees are through the roof. We are looking for a place in Jacksonville and sneads ferry area. Any information would be fantastic! Considering that I am supposed to start my job June 13th and I would like to be moved in by then. Thanks girls! I hope you are all doing well!
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we rent a house through aba can look online and see if they have anything:)

I'm going to be in greenville end of July middle of August! Not related to this at all but I'll need friends :p lol

how far away is that from jax? that would be awesome if we could hang out! im going to need friends as well haha! Ive actually found an apartment place at liberty crossing.

Mason says its about a hour :)

I'm down here as well I'll hang out with you girls:)

wahoo! that would be awesome!

Yay:) that's exciting cuz I'm gonna be so alone when u get there

haha aww!! well i just put down the deposit for the apartment so i will be moving there on the 9th :D once caleb and i get the apartment situated and organized you and I will have to work something out! :)

Sounds like a plan lady :)

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My friend lived there and didn't like it at all because it wasn't well maintained but they stuck it out until they found a better place. So in her opinion its doable for temporary residency. Depending on where ur working and how much ur willing to drive u could check out surrounding areas for cheaper living Jville is known for jacking up the cost for military

yea im finding that renting a house just outside of jacksonville is a little cheaper than apartments inside the city limits. thanks for the info though! i really appreciate it!