Getting Engaged

So my boyfriend is deployed right now but we plan on getting engaged this christmas well he said anywhere from when he gets back to christmas but ive been looking at rings already I have a pretty good idea of what I want. Im so unbelievably excited its getting me through this deployment! if anyone has any advice on when you got your ring etc id appreciate it! Just cant believe this is happening ahhhhh!!!! 
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Ian and I went and looked at Kay and this local place called Shane the other day. Kay actually offers a military discount, so we could look at bigger diamonds! Hah. They were REALLY nice there...and you can design your own ring if you want. Congrats!

Ooh thanks for the tip!!! and congrats to you too :)

i know how you feel!!! my boyfriend is always asking me what i would like, i sent him a pic of a ring i absolutely love and he found it!!!!!! ahhhh im sooo excited :) i bet your ready to jump out of your skin lol you have to tell us about it and show us the ring!! my bf said he was gonna fix everything very soon and im goin to see him in july so im pretty pumped :) i wish you the best girl!! <br />

awh that is so cute and sounds great so excited for you :) yeah i sent him pictures and one i really like at a specific store :) im so excited!!!!!!! I will put a picture of it up when he asks :) you do the same!!1

i definately will!!! :)

My husband and I talked about getting engaged before and looked at rings, we were both torn and I just gave him my top three picks but I still didn't know what I wanted. I knew I didn't want two rings though, I'm not a girl that wears rings normally so the thought of two kind of made me cringe lol So my husband ended up getting me a solitare for our engagment and then I gave him my top three picks for a setting, of course he picked my number one pick haha but I didn't know that we got married which I was beyond happy when I saw it :) I think giving him a couple options makes it easier on them, then just wait it out :)

awh thats too cute thanks for sharing yeah I kinda have a number one pick that stands high above the rest i kinda no like how i felt when i knew I wanted to marry my bf but he says hes gonna through a surprise or something to the ring to still suprise me im so excited!!! :)

How exciting!!! You have to tell us all about the surprise when it happens girl! :D

I definitely will!!! :)

Jason took a complete flyer with my ring and it was perfect it really was. i agree though it maybe old fashioned but Jas took complete initiative on the ring he fished but it was more special. however wait till he gets home and go 'ring' shopping point out what you like and he gets the final decision.

thats my plan :) and awh a flyer haha too cute!

lol AJ and i were paging through one of those catalogue ring things and we had honestly just got together and we pointing out rings we liked and not being serious at all and then i found a ring and told him i'd be more than happy with it and he laughed called me a cheap date and when he proposed it was that ring he gave me. Honestly the proposal and the ring were a complete surprise i never knew it was coming and it was exactly how i wanted it. i think just start pointing out things you like ok he's deployed now but you still have time! i'm really happy for you!!

I like making the guy pick it out. I mean give him an idea of what you like and name something practical. Within budget and that you can work with daily. But really it boils down to a ring doesn't make the marriage, the commitment does. So if it's something that you can look at daily that he picked out, even if it's hideous it's still unique to y'all and special. Butttt I told Ryan I wanted a princess or emerald cut at least a caret. And I want 3 diamonds not a solitare. And I want one thats in a wedding set so the wedding band fits the ring well. Plus I'm a paramedic so wearing a huge diamond ring to work is not reasonable. I can just wear a wedding band and that will be perfect. Lol also make sure you try on the rings. The ones that are your favorite in a picture may not be your favorite on your finger!!!!!!

Yes I have tried on a bunch and yeah im trying to make it easy for him he doesnt no anything about them and stuff so yeah im pretty sure ive got the idea down now just which store i want to get it from is the question

you know what you like and what you would be ok with wearing every day. I say go with what keeps drawing you back. And then make sure you tell him what you like, i'd say give him a couple different pictures of what you like so he gets the idea and then you get a lovely surprise when he picks the perfect one

exactly thats exactly what im going for!! :)