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Ok so this just struck me as funny so I thought i'd write a story. I sign on here and look over at the ad's and for the third day in a row there is a picture of some girl making a kissy face at the screen and underneath it says something to the affect of find local girls in your city......wait a minute what? I'm on a site saying I'm a girlfriend of a Marine. Why would I be looking for a girlfriend? I'm obviously not single. Just caught me as humerus and thought I would share

Oh and I should tell you all about my day while I'm at it...IT WAS AWESOME! So like most of you know I Intern at a museum by my house. well I was working on a project with items that needed to be sent to other museums, ie people donated them but they aren't from my county so the museum can't do anything with them. So after 4 months of these things sitting there and museum's not emailing me back they finally decided all the stuff is going to go into the museum garage sale. one of the things in this box is the first known orders from the Revolutionary war. Obviously not the original, it's a typed version of the orders that would have been displayed at a museum so you could read them. Since they are getting rid all this stuff I asked if I could have the orders. They said yea sure. While walking over to the building next door, where the stuff had been moved to, I'm practically skipping. The Curator was laughing at me and was like "I take you are really excited about this?" I was like omg yes! I was so excited! I called my gma and dad who were both really excited too. My mom was lame when I told her and I told her she was lame because she should be as excited as I was. She was like you are talking so fast I don't even know what your talking about! It was pretty funny.

On my way home I went to the beauty school to get my hair cut....its a pretty kick *** hair cut. I also dyed it, the color isn't great my roots stick out too much so probably have to change the color tomorrow.

BUUTT I also built a cabinet for my parents bathroom tonight!! I'm so excited about it. I've been planning it for months and finally got all the materials and the time to do it. I haven't finished it, it needs a door still but I'm very excited!! my arms are all jiggly from carrying it in and out of the house to check if it fit ect. I feel like Ms. Fix-It with this bathroom remodel. I put in a new light fixture by myself yesterday and I also learned about plumbing with this project because I had to take the sink off the wall. I'm also stenciling a Celtic knot on one wall of the bathroom....its a pain in the *** but looks awesome!

So like I said this day has rocked and I've gotten so much done, I'm not even sure how I fit it all in one day but I did. Hope everyone is well. Semper fi
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

aw you made me smile!!

Dang!! That's awesome!! I wish i knew how yo do all the stuff... sounds like you had a great day... mine was lame besides getting to hear from my man the best part of my day....