wow so i have been dating a Marine for almost a year now! that year did go by fast... kinda

the day i leave for Japan to see him is the same day he left for boot camp last year. <-- how cool is that lol.

I feel so old now!! i look back at our pictures from when we were 16 and just starting our story and pictures of us now 3 years later and i feel old.
we went throw most of high school together since 10th grade and now we are doing the whole marine thing together. Some times it gets a little crazy but its worth it. 
in about 5 years i will be going to the Navy so that will make it a little harder on us but we know he can do this **** lol. by then i hope we will be married so we can get station close to each other <3 We all most said "i do" but then we changed our minds on the timing (he changed his mind).
So as of now im still his girlfriend but **** i do pretty much everything for him. im pretty much his wife only with out the ring and the BAH lol. 
My time will come and so will the time for all you girlfriends :D 

well any who im done with my random talk lol. 

if any of you girls need anything or want to talk message me. i know a little something hahah 

semper fi <3 
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Dang... I give you two props... sounds life tough stuff... and thank you to you as well for your service!! :-)