What Needs To Be Said.

Okaay ladies, ive seeen alot of post from you gals talking about how you get negative comments about your relationship. Or the famous questions
"Why are you with him" "Why do you put yourself thru that" "How do you handle it" or the one that gets to me when im having a bad day and just really wish i had my marine with me.. "Are you okay?" I HATE THAT. Let me explain something to you. all you gals are amazing to stan by your men when they need your support. But someone somewhere is always gonna question you and your choies, maybe because their jealous? maybe because they "think" they know whats best for you. Or they just simply dont approve. whatever the case is your with your man for a reason, you cant fight fate. & thats what it comes down to. the only thing that matters is you respect what your man is doing, and stand behind him. dont let what other people have to say get in yur head. They dont know your relationship, nor have they walked in your shoes. So honestly thats what you should keeep in mind. They know nothing about you, of course they ask stupid questions.. But its your choice, how you handle it.. Me? id give them the simple answer because i love him and hes worth the wait. as far as im concerned if someones asking me a question like that they clearly dont understand the struggles or what we go thru everyday, & they couldnt ever begin to know, so why waste my time to explain and have them ask more questions. just a thought thoughh..

Semper Fi. <3

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right on sister

Thank you so much for posting this! I love it! :) It is all so true! I've been having a rough week just feeling down and missing him a lot and I don't get much support besides the lovely ladies on here, and this just made me feel so much better! Thank you :)

Your very welcome dearr.(:

I agree the only thing that matters even when it seems way harder is you and your man no one but no one can change that and who gives a rats *** what people think anyway u made your decision you happy with it so NEVER EVER let people rain on parade especially because they have nothing better to do anyway!!


I loved this!! Thanks girl!! So very true.... I especially hate when they try to compare they're relationship to ours.... ugh... drives me crazy!! Lol

Haha I completely understand what you mean. It makes me just wanna slap some girls silly.(;

Lol i know right... haha literally a friend of mine in class knowing my mans deployed turns and says omg I totally know how you feel... my mans went to Catalina for the week and i know how you feel. Literally wanted to slap her... lol i was like to you call him and text him when ever you want?? She says yes... do you Skype him?? She says yes... And I'm like I don't get to call him I can write him don't mean he'll write right back... and Skype doesn't work where he's at... and she's like oh... I don't know you do do it... and turned back around.. lol

Haha drives me crazy.(:

That is very true! I know I get that question a lot. But your right a simple because I love him is good enough. (: and I shouldn't let negativity get to me. Thanks for posting.

Your welcome dear. &amp; you really souldnt. If you love him thats all that matters in the end. (: