The Strange Things That Men Do

ok im going to start out by saying that I am in no way mad at him im just slightly confused as to the way he conducted himself. If you have been following my stories you will know that Mason and I had a slight break up where in an attempt to move on and get away from the pain I started seeing someone else. Well heres the thing. The whole time that I was with this other person Mace was doing everything in his power to get back with me. All good in my eyes I just needed some time and space. So the other night I went to log into my facebook. Mason and I have the same photo and cover photo so I THOUGHT I was on my page. I noticed there was a message so I went to check it. It was from a chick and it said " wow, so you did the same thing to me. Zero effort" now at this time I know I should have backed out because I realised that it wasnt my page but I kept looking. He had been messaging this girl while I was seeing this other guy. Its weird to me simply because all that time he kept telling me he didnt want anyone else and he just wanted me blah blah blah. well I read the messages between them. Some of it was graphic, some of it was how he was going to go see her on his leave. The other part was him saying how the distance didnt matter he would still date her. Now im not mad at all but the thing is is this. On valentines day he sent me flowers. Then the next day hes telling this girl how he would go spend his leave with her blah blah blah. Im just confused as to why he would say one thing to me and then say this thing to her. I talked to my best friend about it and shes like well maybe he was just doing the same thing you were doing, trying to escape the pain of your break up. He hasnt talked to her since Feb and he deleted her from his fb as soon as we got back together so I know that what he was saying to her obviously didnt mean a thing. 
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You know, I agree with your friend and marinesgirl189. I think he was trying to cope, and honestly I think he thought since you were dating someone else he probably lost his chance so he was getting a "back up" so to speak. Like he was going to try everything to get you back, sending you flowers shows he was still very much thinking about you and hoping to get back, but if you weren't going to try again he was going to try and move on fast to help distract himself. I wouldn't worry to much, mainly because he went and deleted her from his fb and hasn't spoken to her since, that's honestly an awesome sign on how much you really mean to him. He could have just kept her around in hopes you would never find out just incase you guys ended things again soon after you got back together. But he didn't he put all his focus on you once you guys go back together and burned a bridge with his back up showing you that you were and are his only option and the only one he wants to focus on. Don't let this make you doubt him at all, I think you should let this actually trust him a little more. :)

I do. As twisted as it sounds it kinda gave me a whole new faith in our relationship lol

Doesn't sound twisted, it's not like he cheated. I think if I was in your shoes it would have given me a new kind of faith in the relationship also. :)

Ok wildartslinger: I get the "it's none of your business part" even though I think I would have done the same thing, however 1) learn to spell, and 2) please be respectful. If you can't be respectful then please just don't comment. No one needs to read that. It's just rude and next time really make sure that you read what happened completely because if you would have read through it and actually understood it then this all wouldnt be so "pizzare"...whatever that means. I think you mean bizzare but again that goes back to the "learn how to spell" thing. <br />
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Leladawn: men do really weird things. I think your friend is right when she says that he is trying to get rid of the pain. At least he stopped talking to her. I would just put it in the past and realize that you two are going on to bigger and better things :) He is with you and only you. There are always going to be things that men do that confuse us. We are going to do things that confuse men. That's just how it is haha! What really matters is that what he told her was not true. I somewhat feel bad for the girl who had to deal with that crap, but he was hurt and he was looking for something to fill that void in his chest. Don't listen to what wildartslinger said. Obviously they didn't read through what you wrote and they didn't understand what was going on. I hope this helps and makes you feel a little better

Thank you! I just had to get it outta my head so why not on here. And I deleted that idiots comment

hahah good for you! yea he was an idiot and he was rude. I have no patience for that lol! especially not on here. I'm glad I was able to help. If you need anything just message me :)