Aaahhh!!!! Yaaaayyy!! Wonderful News Ladies!!

So... David has graduated flight school and has received his wings. My marine is now OFFICIALLY a CH-53 Crew Chief! His mother and I drove (together) 13 hours to North Carolina to see his final graduation... and I honestly can not remember any other time in my life that I have been as proud as I was of him that day! His graduation was on May 09.... and after graduation, we all got to go around and view everything, and as he was showing me his helicopter, he dropped down to one knee (shaking and with tears in his eyes i might add, lol) and asked me to marry him... so of course, I said yes :) he came home with us the next day and is home until the 31st of this month. it will take me a few months but i will be moving with him within the next few months to Miramar, CA. Im super nervous, but its all very exciting!! okay, i've got to run but i will fill everyone in on details later :)
Have a great day!!
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congrats girl!!! thats super cute

Congratulations so happy for you!!!

OMG YAY!!!! Congrats!!!! That is amazing!!!


This is great news. Congrats lady :)

Omg that's wonderful!! Congratulations!! :D

Woop woop call!! You'll love it here!! Lol well I'm from LA born and raided haha. Congrats girl!!!

Awwww CONGRATS!!!! :) That is really sweet!