Harder Than I Thought :'(

Well i got a text from Jimmy saying they might deploy him in August or September..I was kinda in shock i wasnt really expecting that until that time next year..Yes its just a buzz going around right now and yes its 1-3 months (We all know Military changes things at last minute) But with this being my first boyfriend in the Military and first deployment EVER its hard! I mean yeah i knew it would be hard but this hard,I had no idea!!! Iv cried for like an hr straight...He wants to go and i love him so i'll wait for him but its sooooo hard to be that supportive girlfriend...He hate's knowing its hurting me and i dont want him to worry about me its just so hard..How do i deal with it?? How do i stay supportive when all i want todo is cry my eyes out??

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Thank You everyone for all the uplifting words!! <3

Any looming deployment is tough! If it's just a rumor though, keep your mind open to the possibility that he could be going, but realize he might not. If you begin to expect it for sure and then it doesn't happen, it's almost a disappointment, since you've already started to emotionally prepare for it!!!<br />
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Hang in there, though, you'll get through it ♥ And yes, it's going to suck and hurt and be scary, and he should know you feel that. But make sure you show him your pride in him and your support! That'll help out :)

This happend to me I found out a month before that my bf was deploying which he is on right now and it was my first deployment with him as well and he wasnt supposed to be going until a year later it was a complete shock. I got everything out the day he told me but all my friends that have bfs in the military were like oh dont worry there always changing stuff etc and so I didnt really believe it until it happend. My best advice is to not go off of that you have to be prepared that is will happen the hardest part is waiting for a deployment but once it starts you will get more and more used to it. Finding out short notice is the worst but at the same time id rather not have to be thinking about it for a year ahead either ya know? And the way I think about it hes getting it over with now ya know everything happens for a reason if it werent for this deployment idk if I would be getting engaged this christmas to my bf bc it really brought us so much closer and brought all of our emotions out. Good luck to you if you need anything you can message me :)

Since there are deployment rumors all the time, don't start worrying until it's a sure thing. My husband's been told he's "definetly going" on so many different deployments that never happened, or that they changed the lists of people going or whatever. Whenever you man is gone, you just have to take it one day at a time.