The Story Of Me And My Marine

I've been visiting this site for a while, looking at stories whenever I had rough nights missing my Marine. He is going to be home on leave (for a month!) in 13 days and I could not be more excited to see him! Since reading other people's stories helped me while he was deployed, I thought I would share our story in hopes that it will help other women in the same situation.

I am a divorced mother of an adorable 2.5 year old boy. My ex-husband and I split up a year and a half ago, but we have remained friends (we got together when I was 17 and he was 18.. we were too young to realize that being good friends with someone DOESN'T equate to a good relationship. We care about each other and our son, we just didn't make each other happy anymore.) It took me a long time to be okay even though I knew we would both end up being happier and finally in September of last year (2011) I felt okay. I felt more like myself than I had since before my ex and I had begun dating and for the first time since I could remember I was okay with being single.

In mid-October, one of my best friends and I had plans to go out dancing - She and I had lost touch while my ex and I were together and had recently started hanging out again. The plan was to go out with her, her fiance and another husband/wife couple they were friends with. We got to the club that night and there was a 5th guy with them that she hadn't mentioned to me. He was absolutely gorgeous, but I just assumed that he had a girlfriend and was perfectly content to check him out all night. He was SO much fun to hang out with - My friend's fiance was his best friend and the two of them together were hilarious. A few hours later, we were all on the dance floor and I noticed that my friend and her fiance kept moving around in the group so that her cute friend and I were together. After not too long he and I ended up dancing together and I was having a blast! My friend and I took a quick break to go to the bathroom and she was grilling me about him when we were away from the group. Asking if it was "creeping me out" that Chris' friend was dancing with me (I told her not at all and that I thought he was gorgeous) and she told me that he was single but he was in the Marines and was home on leave. He was leaving to go back to his base in Hawaii in a week and was being deployed to Afghanistan. I decided to just have fun hanging out with a cute guy because I wasn't really looking for a relationship anyways.

We danced for the rest of the night and hit it off really well. We grabbed some late night drunk food after dancing and he walked me to my car. I went home absolutely beaming (and continued to do so even when I had to wake up with my son 4 hours after getting home..) The next night, I had plans to go to my friend's house already to watch a football game and when I got there, my Marine was there as well. We snuggled on the couch while watching the game and he walked me out to my car again when I had to go home. Shortly after I left, my friend texted to tell me he was asking for my phone number and wanted to know if it was alright to give it to him (of course I said yes!) He texted me that night and we talked for a while before I went to bed. The next morning, he texted me right when he woke up (I was at work) and we texted throughout the day and he asked me if I would want to go on a date later that week before he left. I still decided I wasn't looking for a relationship, but he was cute, fun, funny and I loved hanging out with him and talking to him, so it was harmless, right?

We went to dinner and a movie later that week and that was the last time I saw him before he left. We had a great night, but then the next night was his last night home and he spent it with his family and they brought him to the airport the next morning. He went back to Hawaii and we started talking every day. He would text me when he woke up and we would chat throughout the day and then talk on the phone before I went to bed at night. After not too long back in Hawaii, his unit was deployed to Iraq. I wasn't expecting it, but I was a WRECK when he left. During one of the conversations we had right before he left, one of the other guys in his squad grabbed his phone and started asking me why I wouldn't just call myself his girlfriend.. it made me smile, but my guy and I talked about it afterwards and decided to call ourselves "it's complicated." We hadn't gotten to spend that much time together, I had a 2 year old to think about and I wasn't sure I wanted to attach myself to someone who was about to be gone for 7 months - especially because we didn't think we would get to talk very much while he was gone. We promised to write each other and decided to see where things stood when he got back.

A couple of weeks after he was deployed to Afghanistan, I got my first phone call from him. I was SO excited to hear from him and incredibly flattered that he had used some of his time to call me. A few weeks later, I got my first letter from him. The timing was incredible. It was right before Thanksgiving and I had had a terrible day at work. Reading the letter put a huge smile on my face and I knew I was developing feelings for him. Over the next month, we actually got to talk pretty regularly and we loved every minute of it (which he told me in one of the letters I got from him.) I looked forward to his phone calls and letters. The turning point was when I was asked out on a date by a cute co-worker. A few months earlier, I would have been thrilled to go on a date with him.. but when he asked me, I realized I really wasn't interested. I had strong feelings for my Marine and wasn't interested in anyone else, regardless of whether or not we were calling it a relationship. A few days later, we made it official.

Over the next 7 months, we talked regularly and wrote to each other. The feelings I had for him got stronger the more I got to know him. I have found that he is one of the sweetest guys I have ever known. I know that I was extremely lucky during his deployment. About a month after his initial deployment, he was moved to a larger base with internet access and we were able to talk almost daily on Facebook and/or Skype until the last month of his deployment. We ended up talking for HOURS while he was gone and really got to know each other well - I also became friends with several of the guys in his squad and enjoy talking to them (and they seemed to enjoy talking to me!)

A couple of weeks ago, the 3/3 finally returned safely to Hawaii and I could not be more thrilled for him to be back in the states! He has asked if I would be willing to go with his dad to pick him up at the airport (I've talked to his dad a few times on Facebook but haven't met him in person) and I can't wait! We haven't gotten to spend all that much time together in person, but we have spent hours and hours getting to know each other without physical distractions in the last 8 months and I would definitely classify us as pretty serious. He has talked to my son a few times on Skype and my son always laughs when they talk - I'm nervous and excited about them meeting when he comes home! Sometimes I have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that he is so willing to step into this relationship knowing that I have a son, but I am so thankful that he is. He is truly an incredible guy and I can't wait to spend a month with him while he is home!
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I love this!! What a lovely story! Thank you so much for sharing and can't wait for your marine to be home with you! :)

Sounds a lot like my story too lol. Amazing how things happen when you least expect it to. And how happy something you weren't even looking for can make you!!! So glad you found him!! Thanks for sharing!