Feeling Pretty Lonely On This Deployment

Anyone that wants to talk or anythinggg Im just so tired of my friends not understanding. I turn 21 at the end of August and half my friends are single and 21 and out everynight the other half are with their boyfriends every night. Its starting to really hit me I know I dont have that much time left but it all just sucks Im staying in to talk to my bf on the phone hoping he can and I feel like Im doing nothing anymore :/ Idk has anyone ever felt this? On the bright side I did send his Birthday care package which I attached a picture of I sent 2 just like it so Im excited for that!
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i totally understand how youre feeling right now. this is all new to me, my boyfriend just left for bootcamp. My dads in the military so i kinda new what to expect but so much harder when its a boyfriend. Today i got a letter and hes mad bc he hasnt gotten any mail from me and completly thinks i forgot him. I write him everyday and i cant even call and tell him im still here. this is so hard. we've been together 4 years and its our first time away. i wish in had friends that understood. this is all so painful and each day gets harder

Yeah it's definitely hard but it kinda prepares you for deployment and the difference is you don't have that stress that he could get hurt or even die while he's gone and that's what none oft friends gets my bf is infantry and it's so hard with the stress:/ but boot camp will go by so fast so don't worry he'll be graduated before you know it !! And it will make your relationship stronger and at a different level then it was

I know how you feel even though my bf hasn't been deployed yet. He is currently in school now and I usually don't hear from him until about 5 30 during the week. I hate it absolutely hate it. My friends all have bfs and they don't get it so I'm with u on that. but the most important thing u have to remember is yes u are his anchor and u are waiting for him but waiting doesnt mean cutting urself off from doing what makes you happy and feel like ur alive. He wouldn't want that for you. Revolving your life around his schedule and staying in jus in hopes that he calls is only going to hurt you more when he doesn't call or you don't hear from him and then you will feel like you wasted a night you could've been out enjoying yourself. What you need to do now is live your life for you and in the future when he is back home that's when you live for each other. While hes away he needs to focus to survive and he needs you to understand that I'm sure he loves you with all his heart and it means the world to him that he has that special person who is willing to wait for him. Hang in there girl you need anything just message me and I will gladly help. Best of luck :)

Thank you I needed to hear that thanks so much girl

Hey I know that feeling! Loneliness has taken my life COMPLETELY over! I try to stay as busy as possible but it's like work, check phone, work, check email, work, check phone, and repeat every day! Message me and we can talk!

yup thats my day too haha

I think I speak for most of the women on here when I say if you ever need to talk message one of us. We are all here because we are all involved in the same life. The situations may not be the same but we are here for support. The friend thing gets easier, well at least it did for me. Its also because I grew a thicker skin while he was deployed and decided I wasnt going to take anyones crap. LOVE the care package btw.

Thank you so very much! You really made me feel better about it all and thanks I'm glad it came out good ha I'm trying to not let the friends thing get to me but it's hard especially on weekends :/

I'll be right there in that boat with you soon girl <3 i'm always here if you wanna talk. Love the care package, by the way :)

Thanks love! Yes well get through it :)

definitely :)

I know how u feel :( my husband hasn't left for deployment yet until September but when he leaves for weeks at a time for training on the Aircraft carrier I feel alone and the house feels empty. All I hear is the gentle wind and fridge rather than my husbands laugh and warm voice.

Awh yeah :/ I wish I lived with him for when he gets home were getting engaged but he's out next summer so there's no point in rushing anything but yeah definitely can relate to you do you have any pets?

yea, we have one dog and it kinda helps having him around but then its weird to have an empty house and no one to bother,lol and hold.

If you ever need to talk message me, I was definitely in your position all last year. My boyfriend just got back in April.

Thanks so much! Glad hes back safe!

No problem and I am too :)

you aren't alone. watch this. It is one of my favorite videos. It always makes me feel better. Feel free to message me whenever. My boyfriend got back from his first deployment in january. :) I hope you are doing ok. Keep doing what you are doing and you'll be fine.

Thanks girl watching it now! :)

omg I loved that it definitely cheered me up thank you :)

yay! you are most welcome!!

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