Im Getting Married Tomorrow :d

Tomorrow I am marrying my prince charming. My Mr. Right. The one <3
It has been one hell of a journey, distance, Marine Corps, War, Afghanistan, and even a break up, but I would not change a thing. This is the life that I have chosen and I can not wait to spend my entire life with this man.

We actually got some really good news yesterday. Because we are both living pay cheque to pay cheque we werent able to get a hotel for the night of our wedding. So we just settled that we would have to go home to my parents house and spend the night there. oooooo so much fun. Well yesterday night I went over to my maid of honors house because shes finishing up my veil. Her mommy was there. I love her mom to death, she is such an awesome person!! Anywho. so after we got everything finished we went to the ice cream shop. Holy mother of God, if you ever get the chance, Mix bubblegum and Creamsicle Ice cream together! YUMMY! So as were finishin up our cones her mom looks at me and shes like what are you doing Saturday night. I was like well the plan is to come home I guess because we cant afford to stay anywhere. Shes like your not coming home. HUH?!?!?  She got us a freaking room in the most expensive hotel in town! I cant believe this. I am so shocked. I cried and just hugged her. My own family wouldnt do this for me, thats how much I mean to them. So that has made me very happy. I can spend the night ALONE with my husband.

We are going to Iowa for our honeymoon. Now you are prob saying to yourself why in the hell are you going to Iowa? Well my favorite band is slipknot. I live, breathe and bleed slipknot! They are putting on the first annual Knotfest. Basically a huge carnival with about 10 bands! I am so stoked! I got tickets this morning and I was shaking when I purchased them lol

So this is the update for now. I will write an entry on sunday with some pictures hopefully! Wish me luck!
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I LIVE IN IOWA. hehehehehehe and yes, if there weren't something special going on I'd think you're nuts for wanting to come HERE for a Honeymoon!? Like Iowa can be pretty, but its not exactly a tourist destination! :D CONGRATULATIONS and I am SOOO happy for you! I'm glad it worked out well and your pictures are adorable! :D

Hahaha Iowa is my dream place to live! Thank you! I can't wait to post more pics when I get my camera back :)


Congrats enjoy every moment of it this is what you have been waiting for and what made all the distance apart and challenges the marine corps brought worth it so glad you get your room alone with him enjoy it congrats again !!!! :)

Thank you :)

OMG that's awesome! I love that she gave you that gift to share the night alone with your husband. I'm sure it will be the most precious gift you receive out of all of them. <br />
<br />
CONGRATS!!!! Hope your wedding is amazing!!!

Congratulations!! Sounds like your day will be amazing!