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Pray For Me, & Pray For Him

I am really scared my man's gonna get kicked out of the marine corps.
When he got out of boot, he was 160lbs. When he came home from MCT, he was about 180.
Now, he's about 220 and he doesn't PT and he complains that he doesn't have anyone to work out with.
I'm asthmatic but I will strain myself to the brink of an attack to get him to PT.
Now he's up for his PFT a second time, because he failed the first time.
I will love him no matter what happens, but a small part of me will be disappointed.

I will make changes if I have to, I really want him to stay in the USMC.
He joined because he didn't have a reason to stay at home or go to college.
I don't want to be the reason why he gets kicked out. Because he's too lazy to go outside & run.

What do I do?
mlynn913 mlynn913 18-21, F 4 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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Don't worry, they'll make him do the fat kid PT! Seriously. They'll force him to PT like CRAZY if he doesn't make weight and fails a PFT. I don't think they'll kick him out, but there will be higher ranking individuals who will yell at him and make him go for runs in a group with others like him!<br />
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Good luck! I hope he gets there on his own ♥

I really hope so too, your comment is actually really reallyyyyy reassuring...other ladies on fbk have just either ignored me or had drama. Ya'll are really nice to me. He's a LCPL &amp; I just...I don't know, I really don't want him to fail. I mean I can't talk myself because I've gone over my weight limit, but I really want us to be healthy for me and for his profession.

I think honestly you can talk and give suggestions till you're blue in the face but unless he's willing to do it nothing you say or do will change it. Even if he had a buddy to work out with it's possible he won't step up.<br />
<br />
That being said I think it's good you said something to a buddy of his. peer pressure, especially in the corps would motivate anyone. <br />
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Maybe you could help him come up with a schedule for his day that has things he does everyday on it. Like brush his teeth, eat lunch ect with all sorts of small things that are simple to do and then put PT in so that it is something he thinks about everyday and put it somewhere he will see it, like the bathroom mirror. Obviously this is something you'd want him involved with so you don't look like a pushy witch but I know it helps me to see what I need to do everyday sometimes when I'm having a hard time wanting to do something I need to do.

That actually sounds like a really good idea!! :) thank you so much

I told his marine buddy about his prob and he really wants to talk to him now. I suggested before that he just find another mil-branch dude to work out with but he didn't want to...He's picky. I'm gonna have to have a conversation with him.

I know this might be a stretch but can try craigslist. I have once in a while seen people on there looking for a work out buddy. Some times that is all a person needs is some one to go with them to get them to the gym or to go run. Or if he really likes a certain sport that will help him stay active again try craigslist when I lived in NYC so this is the best result I think. But I really like soccer and softball so found some postings on there for teams looking for another pla<x>yer. By the end of the summer I was playing about ten games a week at least (of only soccer) and at least three softball games a week. I found those types of adds under community and then the link activities. I hope this helps. <br />
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Or he could try to get a volunteer coaching job if he is good with any sports having to handle a team of little kids takes a lot of work or if you are older he can join in on the drills to "demonstrate" the proper way..<br />
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Or make him get a dog that he has to exercise... lol okay that was lame one I even admit it....<br />
<br />
Hope one of those help