Missing Him

My boyfriend of almost two years left the end of May for basic! It was short notice because we both expected him to leave in October, and it was really hard to watch him go. There Are a lot of important things he will miss over the summer including our anniversary. I haven't received any letters from him yet, but I write to him every day and miss him like crazy!!!!! I feel lost without him since I am used to seeing him everyday and won't again until the end of August. It's tough because this is the only time we have ever been separated like this. I can't wait to see him again!
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2 Responses Jun 9, 2012

My boyfriend was suppose to leave in October but was sent April 23. He hadn't even been signed up for a month when he was sent to boot camp.

hello, i know how you feel, my boyfriend left for basic on the 5th of june so it hasnt even been a week yet and im missing him like crazy.. 2 days after he left it was our 2 years and it was so hard not being able to spend time with him on this day.<br />
i used to spend every day with my boyfriend and talk to him alll the time and now his gone untill the end of august as well its been so hard. ive had sleepless nights, havent been wating well and been crying randomly all the time<br />
just think to yourself like i think to myself its not forever and he will be home soon.. and pluss look forward to when he marchs out because i think all the waiting and pain will be worth it !