Not All Negative

I understand what the other women in this group mean when they say you truly find out what you're made of while your marine is gone. Whether it be if your strong enough to stay faithful and love him even if he's thousands of miles away. I am TOTALLY strong enough for this type of relationship. I miss him, however within this separation it made me realize that my love for him is totally not conditional, it's unconditional and I know I couldn't love any other mad the way I love him. Our problems before his departure are COMPLETELY weightless and irrelevant now. I found out a lot of areas that I need to mature within my life for ou relationship. Being a marine girlfriend;and in due time a marine wife, is something I'm proud to say that. Am. Yes our Marine is gone most of the time, yes I miss him to the point to where he's all I think about at night and I find myself sleeping in his clothing to feel closer to him, but I appreciate the relationship and love we have or each other so much more. Its growing stronger within my heart each day and I can't wait to write to him and tell him just that. I can't wait to tell him how much my love fr him has grown not only because we are together but because he decided to protect me and others he will never be able to meet. I love my Marine!!
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Aw yay i love this and congrats!!

Thank you!!

That's EXACTLY how I feel today ladies!! Not sure what came over me but, I'm glad I felt that feeling because you know how sometimes you begin to doubt what you have because you don't have any kind of connection, but then it's like no you won't think negative thoughts, just the positive ones are the ones that you should take in. That's what I was feeling and I wanted to share.. I'm glad I'm not the only one who've felt that way. :)

I love that feeling of knowing how amazing your relationship is...makes your heart smile

I love this! i feel the exact same way! :)