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THIS IS NOT SPAM... I promise!!! I did it for my boyfriend. They are creating and shipping FREE photo books to FPO/APO addresses- if your boyfriend is deployed you can make him a FREE 20 page photo book and they'll provide shipping too! :D SO THOUGHTFUL! I'm sending it IN addition to my care packages- just an extra pick me up for my man!

SPEAKING OF- I can't express enough how thankful I am to have such an amazing support system while my love is in Afghan! I miss him so much but in all honesty my friends have made this time apart PRETTY bearable so far. I know I have a ways to go but I have great friends and family! :D YOU GIRLS included! :) I dont know what I would do if I hadn't stumbled onto this site. What a lifesaver sometimes right?!

OOOH--- I have a quick rant- I was talking to a friend of mine (coworker, acquaintance, whatever) about Ian reenlisting because he still hasn't made up his mind. So I said, "basically if he gets out there is no rush to get married. We can date till whenever, but if he reenlists, I want to get married and move to him cause I can't be alone for another 5 years" She called me an idiot and said that is a terrible idea and I should marry him for love not convenience. Then she said I'm rushing into it. #1 He has NOT popped the question or reenlisted yet so I'm speaking hypothetically #2- you ladies KNOW that I am NOT marrying him JUST to move. I would marry him tomorrow no matter where he was stationed. I love him. I can see us growing old together. He is an exceptional man and I've never met anyone who even comes close to his amazingness--- THAT is why I would marry him. #3- it is MY business and even if we've only been together for 10 months (in a military/ long distance relationship thats like 2 fricking years) I KNOW I could live WITH him... If I can live WITHOUT him for this long and stay in love with him, I know I can handle the quirks that usually drive women insane.
Damn civilian girls just do NOT get it. Then she had the nerve to complain for HOURS about her BOOTY call- not even a serious relationship- being gone for TWO weeks. Like seriously? Take it to someone else- I do NOT feel sorry for you! Psssssh Am I right ladies?! HECKS NO!

Anyhoo- I am hanging in there... trying to think of good care packages and cherishing the emails, and one minute phone calls I get now and then. I love him so much!!!! <3 SEMPER FI <3

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I dont think you have to EVER explain your actions to anyone EVER!! When AJ and I got together there were a heap of people that said it would never work then we got engaged and they said i was pregnant then he got deployed everyone said this is when one of them cheats none of their little 'predictions' ever came true and in the beginning I would argue black and blue about AJ and I working and AJ used to shake his head get up and walk away then would say why waste your breath there's no point we dont ever have to defend something we dont have to and we never have to make people understand bottom line we work we make it work and no one can change that except us because thats the important thing i dont care what people say or do i know the truth - he's right you dont have to defend yourself your choices or action to anyone unless it effects them directly yes they dont understand but it's not up to you to make them understand it's up to them if they want to they will if they dont they wont but you dont have to listen to them either. Since AJ got deployed i cant tell you how many times I've been in a room and have got up and walked out when a person has started an onslaught about AJ and I and really I just stand up and say please keep you opinions to yourself and walk out i dont have to listen to it and i wont ever!! <br />
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You sound like you doing really well and i agree with you having that support behind you especially from the people closest to you really does make things easier - Good luck with everything!!

That's cool about the photo book...i wish there was a way to save people's posts like this so I can go back to them...maybe there is and I haven't descovered it.<br />
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As far as that lady she doesn't get it you're right. But reality is that what you said sounds like convinience but its not. If he's out you could live together or close by each other without having to worry about the next time he's moving and if you will be able to aford to go with him. Reality is that they move a lot compaired to your average adult. and they don't just move a couple towns over. to get married so you can be with the person you love makes complete sense, to not feel rushed if he's not gonna be moving all over the country also makes sense. <br />
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And people complaining about their bf's or booty calls being away for short periods of time makes me want to punch them in the face a couple times lol

I'm sorry about your coworker. Some people just don't understand what you are saying at all! You just have to tune them out and nod politely lol. That photo book thing looks great! I'll have to remember that link!

I've done that photobook for my boyfriend! He loved it. I still have yet to see it though, I caught a glimpse when he was unpacking but didn't think to grab it. But it is really nice size and quality for free :) If you need help with anything care package wise just ask, I sent more than enough of them with themes and ideas that were homemade. Keep up with the positive attitude :)