Really Frustrated...

Now that I can talk to my bf more now.. I get really anxious and happy when I hear from him all the time. Now he seems to be brushing me off and idk what to do. I know week days and all he does his duties and weekends he's free. and today he hasnt texted or called. since yesterday afternoon. but its okay to go on FB. UGH im sorry.. but this is just upsetting to me. He is coming for mid July which im so excited but how things are going.. im just plain upset.
I would think he would have a real quick sec to send me goodmorning or something. I cant even imagine when he starts school.. NO time at all ..
I do need to talk to him about how I feel.. I've been keeping it to myself for the past week about it, worse thing I can go because I've broken down a couple times. I really imagined things differently in my head. I know the distance is hard and trust is important but now my trust for him is going low. sigh.. When i talk to him i dont want to sound upset and put him in a bad mood. help.. idk what to do! :/
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Yeah, i understand too. I though him being at MOS would be great because we would talk everyday for sure. But there would be a day that goes by where i won't even get a text and it puts me on edge so easily :/ And then i wonder if i should just call, but then i dont want to "bother" him and all that stuff. But the best thing you can do is talk to him about it. And dont feel afraid to call him , hopefully he answers haha

Mine does the same thing to an extent. I just have to trust him and know he loves me. I've told him occassionally that I just miss him and want to talk to him and he makes a little better. Good luck!!