Venting A Little

To start off i just want to say Happy 4th of July to all you amazing Girls!!

This is pretty much venting on how angry some famlies/girls of military men make me...Im not saying every guy in the military is amazing and 110% faithful,but no guy that is going off fighting for us deserves this..

Jimmy was on 24 hr duty and the nights he has that i stay up with him,we were texting having our normal covo..He's not the kind of guy to show emotion but he said 'I just heard something awful' One of the Marines that just got back from deployment came up to the dest and just wanted to have a beer and someone to talk to after 20 minutes or so of talking to this guy Jimmy foundout he was the ONLY guy that didnt have anyone come and welcome him when they got in..I was crushed a family not being there not one person..I would be crushed if i was in his shoes i would be crushed if i didnt go welcome my son..Does that mean he was the only one that didnt get letters from home too...My heart truly hurt for him....3 days later again,Jimmy was on 24 hr duty again...And i could tell thru the text something was right and he was pretty salty ab out something...Again another Marine that had just got home from Afghanistan was on the phone with his Girlfriend..He over heard the Marine say "you slept with three guys while I was in Afghanistan" & "you got pregnant and had an abortion" "I stayed faithful and wore that stupid ring you bought me the whole time I was over there."...She ended it with him..I hope this doesnt offend anyone But....Its girls like that,that really make me sick...You man is over risking his life (Yes it was his choice) BUT you knew what you were getting into and you wanna cheat NO!!!!!! Its a low life of a thing todo,and hurts my heart know that guys go thru that everyday 'Dear John' letters ARE awful...I guess i said all of that to say this 'If your with a military man you need to be faithful' End Of Story.....Sorry for venting and hopefully i didnt hurt anyone by what i said but i needed to vent a little..

-Haley <3
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I feel the same not a lot gets me as cross as quickly other than stuff like this really I get furious!! What's even more crazy is you'd be surprised how often they come home and no one is there to meet them and yes to answer your question there is a lot of them that don't get letters or care packages. I've always and it had a lot to do with my mom but for that specific reason I send two care packages one for AJ and one for AJ's squad and I know a lot of the time that care package doesn't make it to the squad it goes specifically to the guy that doesn't have anyone - it sucks people suck and i cant believe how selfish some people really are i mean seriously how self centered can you get!!!

Unfortunately not all girls are like us, faithful to our men. There are very few out there. Im glad we are one of those few. Our men are lucky ;-)

Exactly...It gives me that sick feeling...Girls like that just need a good butt whoopin.

I feel the exact same way!!! It disgusts me what these girls will do. When my boyfriend was deployed I was really good friends with three girls whose s/o's were in the same platoon. One of them cheated on their husband and did a bunch of horrible **** and they have a son together. I just couldn't believe that someone could do that. You literally have to have absolutely no heart to cheat on your man while he is gone. I made sure that while my man was deployed to not do anything that would make him worry about me, yes I had fun but I didn't feel like getting drunk and going out. and I don't understand how you could write a dear john letter either!!!! How could you do that to them while they are over there?? If you can't handle it break up before he left or at least hold on and wait till he is home.