Military Spouses Getting Rank?

What do you ladies think about this one???
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I did a little looking into this and the site is fake, it's meant for military humor. However, if this did ever come up I would find it absolutely crazy. Military s/o's didn't earn the rank and title, their men did.

lol my dad was just bitching about someone in office just last night!! No honestly i dont think it's as bad as that i mean yes i their some that just take the frigging cake but as far as i know and how i feel everywhere i go and everything i do i inadvertently reflect on AJ and not only him but my dad and brother as well and especially on ba<x>se and because of that i will always toe the line!! And no I honestly think its ridiculous i mean COME ON REALLY?!

pretty sure that blog is a joke blog but I think it's absolutely stupid. But hey there are wives that wear their husbands rank at least then they'll have their own haha. But once again it's completely ridiculous and stupid.

Thank you! totally agree lol

I have mixed emotions about this. My first emotion is that why do we feel we should get the same respect or whatever from other wives that our men do? Then again if you're being a total nimrod someone who's been at it longer should tell you to sit down and shut up.<br />
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but the story about the lady at the end not getting the proper salute of the day? give me a break! Unless she walked by and called you a nasty name what's the big deal. If she wanted them to talk to her she could have said hello herself. besides the fact that with two kids she may very well have been on the verge of tears and not capable of talking to anyone unless it was asking where the milk was....yes I know this is giving this other woman a story but you never know what someone else is going through and who are we to pretend that we do.<br />
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I also think that there is a time and a place for all of it. Like the stories about all these women yelling at the commanders, totally inappopriate and a waste of his time. yea it sucks that our men are gone a lot and no they don't get the best pay but we knew all of these things when we go into this and yelling at the commander isn't going to help situations cuz now he can't even do his job.<br />
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Ok i'll get off my soap box now. i wanna hear what others have to say for sure