Countdown: 5 Days‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼

No I’m lying today is nearly done lol ok technically it hasn’t even started and now I’m raining on my own frigging parade‼ work with me here 5 DAYS YAY‼‼‼‼‼ So as frustrating as the waiting around really is our phone conversations are really making up for it last night he called and he spoke to everyone and kept telling everyone he wanted to see his name in bright colors lol‼ His dad told him to just be happy with what he got and AJ said he was with everything he had all of it but he’d be happier if his name was in bright colors‼ Jason told him he was working on a luminous pick effect and AJ told him that he was trained to kill and he’s just come home so he cant be held for his actions and Jas said that he was marrying his little sister he could change all that with one word lol nothing has changed We have spoken a lot and almost everyday and he texts constantly beside the not actually seeing him part its as if he never left‼

However as happy as we are things did get a little heavy as they usually do I told you before he knows something is up and he knows I wont tell him until I see him he tried to get me to talk about it and I told him it could wait it was something I had to do personally and not over the phone and then he said ok I respect that completely and I’m like wow AJ what’s up with you and he said he didn’t want to burst my happy bubble I sounded happy and that’s all he wanted and he hoped that I got all tears done with and I told him I think so but doubt it he laughed and said probably‼ He then told me that they all on restriction as in for the next month they not allowed to leave base unless they get permission and it’ll only be for days because they want them to stay on base until the end of July all I got out of him was that because they’ve taken an interest and they want their deployment/ civilian transition to be easier and the first month is always the hardest and that he thought it was bullshit. So it makes sense I don’t know the whole story but apparently some locals have made a few complaints about marines getting rat faced and shouting the odds about a few things and they’ve traced it to guys that have just come back from deployment AJ and crew are the first guys back since this awesome discovery and now they’ve become somewhat targeted – thing is as sucky as it is it’s nice to know they doing more to help and as much as AJ says it’s bullshit I know he kind of understands it more than he’s letting on and as great as he seems I know there’s a lot deployment stuff to work through so it maybe for the best besides I’ll still see him EVENTUALLY lol‼ OK we’ve spoken wedding and he asked me if I still wanted to go through with it (?!?!?!?!?!) and I told him now more than ever he laughed and said good because he wasn’t taking no for answer from me ever again and I asked him when I ever said no and told me I’m constantly saying no and I’m like to hair brained schemes that will never work like having dinner on a surfboard in the middle of the sea who does that and he then said don’t mock it until you try it lol clearly he needs some down time‼

So long story short everything is good he’s good and I finally feel like my best friend is back YAY I’m also sleeping way better – which reminds me lol‼! I cant wait to see him although just hearing his voice and getting texts is doing a way better  job seriously after not hearing from him for so long then getting that thinking of you text like everyday is like hehe he’s going mad too lol really I think we both actually need down time‼

Enjoy your I’m going to sleep and I really do mean sleep like actually going to bed and not thinking I wonder what AJ’s doing now then instead of sleeping worry myself silly instead it’ll be I wonder what AJ’s doing then think ha he’s home YAY then close my eyes jump up and sit in front of the TV and fall asleep there maybe I should just pre-empt this lol and just sit in front of the TV with blankies – seriously there’s like no winning here‼ have a good evening 5 DAYS‼‼ 
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2012

Awee so happy for you!!

awwww storm im soo glad your all happy again!! <br />
the "dont mock it until you try it" line sounds just like my boyfriend lol hes always coming up with weird ideas that will never work!<br />
cant wait to hear about the homecoming!!!!!

:-) Yay!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear how it goes when you actually see him!!!<br />
Ps his surf board dinner sounds like Jim's and my conversation cousins just got here and are confused why I'm laughing at my computer :-)