Ranting..you Know How It Is Sometimes.

2,148 Miles Apart
Three hour time difference. Doesn't seem like much, but it is when it's midnight here and 9 o'clock there.

Distance is hard. Being a military girlfriend is hard. It’s difficult already and we haven't even experienced a deployment yet, as a couple. Now, I’m not bitter or resentful. And I don’t regret my decision in waiting for him. I’d wait the rest of my life, honestly. It’s just I miss the sound of his laugh when I do something stupid, and the warmth of his hand in mine, that perfect smile, and his eyes shining with happiness. I want him to come home already, but I know that can’t happen yet. I must endure. And I will.

I hold every text, phone call, skype date, and picture I get near and dear to my heart.

But I really just want to feel his touch again.
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Sorry you're having a hard time. Sometimes we just have to have those days where we whine and moan about the situation. It always makes me feel a little better after I do it. lol Just remember that your relationship is going to be so much stronger because of this! Distance has kind of helped me weed through all the crap in my head and focus on everything good about my relationship. And the waiting really does make the reunion that much better.<br />
<br />
I hope you get to have a good chat with him soon. I mean, is there really anything better than missing him and then hearing him laugh or say something silly? Those little moments always get me through!

Those moments are the best, I love them. I try to stay positive when we're talking, keep him smiling and laughing. Make sure that his bad day turns around. But, I struggle a little..he's my go to guy when I need to vent or complain... I know us being apart is hard on him too, and I don't want to make it worse because I complain to him about how much it sucks.Ssometimes when we're skyping, we'll just sit there and not say anything.. because we neither one want out talks to be negative in any way. Distance is just hard..

That's the best you can do girl. Cherish those moments you do have and they will make the moments when he is there even better.

Less than 2 months.
About 6 1/2 weeks.
That's all I have left until he is here. And it can't come soon enough.!!

yay!! That's super exciting, that's about when I start driving Jim nuts with "I am so excited" and he always tells me to knock it off he has to focus still and can't get excited yet...to which I giggle and go ok pretend you're not jumping out of your skin with excitement too

I am so excited!! And I only remind Chris every time we talk lol I'll be at college when he gets home, but I'm picking him up from the airport and he's staying with me on campus for a week :)

that's super exciting!!! It will be awesome! :-)

Yes, I just hope he doesn't get caught staying in my room cause I can get wrote up lol But it'll be worth it!!

Even if they write you up for it what are they gonna do? tell you to have him leave and then someone else will tell you not to do it again? i was an RA and unless you had given me a reason to write you up I wouldn't have said a word if that makes you feel any better

Well, if anything is said to me about it, hopefully they'll be gracious. I mean come on, he's in the marine corps and thousands of miles from his family and friends. But, that helps a little. Hopefully my RA will be cool lol

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