Feeling Confident.

Hey guys! Haven't been waiting in a few days but I've been reading everyone's posts.. I haven't been writing because as some of you may know, my boyfriend left for the Marines back in June on the 10th and I haven't heard anything from him until last Friday when his mother calle me and tol me he has written me 13 letters and wanted me to write him soon because he's eagerly awaiting to hear from me! I promise you guys, I felt like he didn't really miss me an that I was the only one feeling like this but that's not true at all!! I feel soo loved and excited to hear from him! Which should be on Tuesday because I just sent his letter off today but it wont get to him until Monday. Since he has been gone I've really found out if I love him and if I can hold on and I can totally do it!! I know a lot of ladies say this type of relationship isn't for everybody and that it takes a special woman to be faithful, loyal and honest with this type of relationship and that's totally me!!!! It's tough being away from my boyfriend but it's totally worth it in the end. He really is my hero and I feel so much pride just being able to say that's my boyfriend. I miss him but it has gotten a lot easier like the ladies have said and I feel so connected to him but yet so far away! I know the letter will make me cry on Tuesday but I'm ready. He is in Kilo company and I can't wait to see him graduate. It was good updating! And as always comments are welcome!!
BreeKay BreeKay
22-25, F
Jul 15, 2012