I'm Afraid To Be Hopeful, But I Want So Bad To Be.

Earlier today, I was skyping Chris. :) He got me a ring! But I don't get it until he get's home in September...
This is where the fear of getting my hopes up comes in..
I miss him so much. I told him tonight it would be a miracle if he got to be home sooner than September, and he just smiled really big and shrugged his shoulders. So, I asked him if he was coming home sooner than September?? He simply smiled and changed the subject.
He's supposed to come home the first week of September. The weekend before that, my best friend and I are going out for our 18th birthdays. My birthday is the first week of August, but my friends is the weekend I move in for college, so I'm coming home to celebrate together.
Chris asked Lex today when we were doing our birthday weekend.
I don't want to get my hopes up, but I get the impression that he'll be home for my birthday weekend. He's acting suspicious, and so is my best friend..
How do I deal with this????
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2012

My boyfriend suprised me once coming home, and my mom amd him were both acting strange to, just dont tell your self you know hes coming home because if he doesnt youll be crushed and if he does well go you(:

He didn't come home, but he did send me a BEAUTIFUL vase of flowers!! :)

lol every time AJ starts acting weird i feel oh crap what now and really from phone calls to texts the boy puts me on be aware of my surroundings in like two seconds flat lol!!! you learn to become optimistically hopeful you hope what you think will happen will happen and when it doesn't its alright because you convinced yourself in the beginning you couldn't trust yourself anyway because you crazy and this was the marines they do their own dam thing anyway - so long story short i'm optimistically hopeful for you lol anyway i know that doesn't help in anyway so good luck!!

Lol ugh it's a terrible feeling!! But thank youu:)

teehehehe he's up to something, maybe he won't be home but maybe he has a special suprise for you that weekend :-)

Awe I never thought about that :)

that is how i always try to convince myself to think it's not what I want it to be, by telling myself it's something else....however that rarely works and I get so excited it's not even funny

Well, I think I'm gonna try that. It probably won't work with me either though