hey ladies ok this one will be way shorter then the one last night!

I GOT A JOB!!!! I'm going to be working the front desk and the floor at at children's museum!!! I'm so excited, not excited about the hour to work but it will so be worth it!!! I want Jim to get out of class or whatever the Marines have him doing today because I want to freak out!! I can't stop wiggling with excitement. Still not sure when I will actually start because the supervisor didn't expect me to accept the job right there and then...weird if you ask me...but I'm so excited!!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day and you are following you're dreams. If Jim hadn't pushed me I wouldn't have tried so hard to find this job and I wouldn't be so excited right now...our men drive us nuts for a reason sometimes lol
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Aw Congrats that's awesome!!

Congratulations I hope u enjoy your new job.

congrats! This is awesome news :)