Hi Ladies!

i am very new to all of this. i just recently married my best friend, a marine. he is now deployed and i am trying to get in contact/ talk with ladies stationed in Jacksonville NC. ill be moving there in October or Novemeber when my love gets back from deployment! just trying to make friends(: not really sure how this site works yet though
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Congradulations! My boyfriend just left for bootcamp and i joined this site for the same reason you did :) I am with you trying to figure out how this thing works . . Good luck in Jacksonville!

thank you! but me too,,its a little bit confusing trying to figure this out lol

Congrats about your marriage! My husband left like a week in a half in a half after we got married also. Sucky part about the military life, having to start a new chapter without your other half :/ Although my husband and I are stationed at 29 palms, Ca. You might want to check and see if their's a fb page for wives at your ba<x>se. I know 29 palms has a fb page for wives, fiances, and gfs at the ba<x>se and that's been a huge help for me!

I actually found it for you. :) You should add this fb page

wow! thanks alot. i never knew theyd have those(:

No problem. :) Ya I was super happy when I found the fb site for our base, it's a really great way to connect with women at base and to learn about the base. :)

Congratulations on getting married! I'm sorry he's gone now but hopefully he will be home in your arms soon.<br />
I'm not in Jacksonville, but who knows...in a few months after Nathan graduates and finishes all of his training I could be. lol That's one bummer about military life, you never know where you'll end up.

thank you as well! is your man in bootcamp right now?