Parris Island Anyone??

My boyfriend is at Parris Island right now for boot camp and I was wondering if anyone else had a loved one there? I also found this cool thing on facebook that had some pictures of the recruits. It's called MCRD Parris Island SC (make sure its the official site). I would love to get in touch with someone who has a loved one in Delta Company at Parris Island! Let me know please ladies :)
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my boyfriend is in charlie company and he graduates september 14!

Okay cool! Your a little farther along then me. How is he doing, does it get easier?

he seems alright. he misses home a lot and hes ready to graduate.. have you gotten any letters yet?

I got my first yesterday! Of course he said it sucked and couldn't wait to get out of there. I'm just hoping things will get better or he'll get used to it.

Yeah he will def get used to it.when they get into phase two expect less letters

Alright! I'm not trying to expe t anything at this point, I don't want to disappoint myself

Howd his first letter go?

Well from what he said he wasn't even supposed to be writing, I don't know how he got away with that. But it wasn't awful he said he couldn't wait to get out of that **** hole, and he didn't even want to talk about what was going on there. He wasn't real bad but I could tell he was having a rough time, which is to be expected.

yeah of course. but he'll get used to it. or at least grant has. last letter i got from him he went to the gas chamber. :(

Oh my gosh :( I am definitely not ready for that!

yeah he said he felt like his whole body was on fire i feel so bad for him!

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