When U Know Love Is Love

Hi guys well its been more than a month now since Ive heard from my Marine and nearly three months since I have seen him.Last night I read all the Instant messages we ever sent to each other and to be honest our love for each other has progressed beautifully.After reading those I no longer felt sad but more in love with him than I ever could be.Granted that he is annoying, spoilt and could be very stubborn his love seems so genuine its refreshing.One of the ways u know u love your Marine is when u see the time away as not a problem but an opportunity for u to make yourself a better person physically , mentally and emotionally.U know u love your Marine when u pray for him dutifully everyday. U know u love your Marine when he has to change dates and times and u know he is as hurt as you r but u accept it because you know that a date is not as important as knowing he is still alive and loving u.Today I feel the love for my Marine very strongly even though I miss him because we all know that no news is sometimes good news. So love your Marine today no matter what . Pray for their safety and above all let them know inspite of the challenges that we all face that we will always be Semper Fi. Wherever u are honey I love u..... :) :) :)
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2012

Wow i agree - hope you've heard from him!!

Thank u . I have heard from him and though only for a short time it was worth it. Thank u for your support.

Thank u. True love surpasses all obstacles. : )

:) love it. Soo true