My Boyfriends Ex.

Yesturday i hung out with my boyfriends ex who his's family loves like a daughter. She got close to them more then i ever could. He left me for her then left her for me. Shes the type of girl that everyone loves. She wrote a letter to my boyfriend so that i could send it.. Idont want too... Waht should i do about that.. And she's ig trying to help me get close to his parents by both of us going to go viset them. But i cant cuz im grounded im sure she'll go.. But my sister said that i should go w/o her bc i'll feel bad bc shes close with them and im not.. Help please should i tell my boyfriend?? He's in bootcamp :/
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2012

You should stop tagging along with her. Yea she may enjoy hanging with his family and they may enjoy hanging with her but that's your boyfriend now and may be you should express that to her. You should also go visit his parents by yourself. I suggest you read that letter before you send it and if you think it may make you uncomfortable then don't send it and express to your boyfriend that she wanted to write him but it made you uncomfortable. If he respects you as his girlfriend then he would understand.

Thank you! Everything u've said sounds good.

I agree with your sister. Go on your own and visit with them. As for telling your Marine, no~he is going through a lot right now and adding to it would not be good for him. Just be supportive. Go see his folks, too! Hang in there.

Your right thats why i wasnt sure on telling him. He has enough to worry about right now. Thank you