No Letters For Me From My Boyfriend In Bootcamp

Lately my boyfriend Tyler hasn't exactly been writing to anyone and his family and i have been going crazy. Well yesterday everyone got a letter exept me :(. It really hurt me but I know his family is more important but that doesn't mean he couldn't of had time to write me. I keep having a feeling something happens over there that changed his feelings for me because this has never happened. He has always written me when he can and I just need some support because im so worried. Its been a little over 2 weeks but I still have been writing to him... I don't know what to do.
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Im Having This Same Problem I Got My 1St Letter A Month Ago And Sent My LettEr To Him The Day AftEr I Receive His 2 Weeks Ago His Family And Bestfriend Got Another Lettrr And Here I Am Still With Nothing..Worst feeling

I know this is kind of an older post but I'm completely going through the same thing right now and I'm thinking those exact same things. It's definitely making me sad and I'm one that always over analyzes and over thinks things so it's making me crazy. I'm also scared because this may be my fault too because I go to college full time and have a part time job and is really busy... mostly.. and so I didn't write him for a few weeks... I don't know what happened but weeks just flew by and I had midterms and more midterms.. at the time i was still receiving letters from him, so it made that time a little better, but maybe because I wasn't writing him he felt neglected? but it also be because he just is really busy?! Idk, idk what to think or what to do, but everyday of not getting anything from him just makes me a little sadder...

Oh okay, do you know about how long it took for him to get your letters? Even though i want him to be getting my letters, i still hope there is some explanation like that instead of him just not wanting to write me ha. Thank you

Well after the 2 weeks of no writing he wrote me 3 times saying those things and then for 2 weeks I would write every day until I finally got a letter saying sorry for everything because he finally got them.. they give them the letters at different times and idk how far you are from him but he's in California and I'm in Texas and that's like 3 days mail time

Oh and in boot camp they constantly tell them their girlfriends and wives are cheating

I completely understand what your going through. My boyfriend has been gone a month now and i have only received 1 letter this whole time and ive been writing everyday. I know theyre super busy but i know they still get down time every once in a while and Sundays, so its killing me to think he doesnt even wanna just try writing me a short little letter just to hear from him.. idk im just starting to feel like ill never hear from him now... and hes not even in phase two yet

Well I remember when my bf was gone the first month it took him a while to get my letters, he would write me and ask me if I was done with him cuz he wasn't hearing from me so maybe he hasn't gotten your letters yet just keep writing and don't give up hope I know this is hard but it'll be over soon

The same thing happened to me. I jumped to conclusions and thought exactly what you did. And then today I got 3 letters. It could just be a mail thing or he's trying to write to everyone. Don't worry it'll come soon.

well nothing for me today but his group is still in camp pendleton and were not sure how long his group is going to be over there cuz some kid broke his leg over there

I highly doubt anything change. I remember when my boyfriend was in boot camp I wouldn't get a letter but his mom would and she would get like two pages and then a week later I would get about 5 to 6 pages of letters and he would say sorry I just wasn't finish writing and I didn't want to send it out until it was done. And then I would be happy because he wanted to get his whole point across. So don't feel bad they only really get Sundays to write and little free time before going to bed.

well he usually hardly writes his mom and always writes me but i guess this time he wanted to write his family but when he writes i usually only get about a page and his mom would get just a small paragraph... my bf isnt verry good with communication

thanks you guys for the support it helps a lot im new at this kind of things and im just really nervous. he finished his second phase and is going on to the 3rd. but his family is helping me so much and they all wrote to him saying if he dont write me they are gonna gang up on him. they keep telling me my letter probably got lost but im just trying to keep calm and wait for him

As the other girls said, don't worry! I went through a point where I didn't get a letter for a little over two weeks also. It is highly ppossible that he didn't have time to write you, so please don't be upset at him for not writing. Think of it this way, even though he wrote his family you at least know he is ok. :) or as newmarinegf said, it could be that you just haven't gotten the letter yet. What phase is he in?

don't worry! when my boyfriend was on bootcamp there was a long period of time when i didn't get a letter for 2 weeks! i thought the same as you. and he wrote his family but everything will be okay!! you know how parents worry and they should get the letter first but keep writing him!! letters are so helpful to them in bootcamp!! he will love you more than anything when you see him after bootcamp!!

Don't worry. He may not have had time to write everyone. Or he may have written you and you just haven't gotten the letter yet. Stay strong and keep sending him letters!!!