Hey girls . I need some advice. Lets start by saying I dont like hurting people I love and I think if someone loves you they should try there best not to hurt you. When I met and fell in love with my Marine he was about to retire. That was fine because we are miles apart so it has been difficult from the begining. About Two weeks before retirement he dopped the bombshell on me that he was extending for six months. I love him so I respected his decision. Here I am 4 months later and I have only heard from him twice and have not seen each other since May.Please help me get some sense out of this because I dont believe that any relationship can survive without communication.Ive been through so much since the last time we spoke and hes never there.To be honest I love him very much but if love is not returned what am I to do. I am really thinking about throwing the towel because the way I see it. He hasnt texted ,called or emailed.Please give me some advice about what u think I should do.
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I agree. Send him an email about how you are feeling before you give up. That is a long time to wait though! Is there any reason he can't call or email? How were the 2 conversations yall had? Good and normal or different?

He was the same loving person that I know him to be. I have sent numerous emails and texts and phone calls and there has been no reply. Im just so emotionally tired and mentally drained. How can u have a relationship with someone that is non responsive.

You can't, I guess give it a little more time and hope for some type of communication. Pray about it. Has anyone else heard from him? Like his parents or anyone. Sorry your in this situation!!! It's rough!!

Did he extend for a deployment? It's not unheard of to not hear from them if theyre deployed or training. Otherwise I agree totally with what you're saying love needs to be reciprocated.

Thank u for your comment. Though this breaks my heart Im trully thankful .

He said that if he extended he would not be deployed. I just dont know what to think anymor.

Is there any reason why he hasn't been able to communicate with you? I've heard of Marines becoming distant as a bearing technique, but there seems something seriously wrong with only hearing from him twice in four months...

Well I think so as well. Thank you for your insight. I guess u cant force someone to love u.

You need to talk to him about what's going on before you make any final decisions. Even if you can't reach him by phone, write him a letter or email him so that he knows how you feel and that the way he's treating you is wrong. It might give him a wake up call, and if not, you'll know it's time to let go. :/ I hope everything works out for the best

I have tried getting in contact with him and it has been unsuccessful. Im just so tired with situation both mentally and emotionally.I love him but love is a two way street.