Hes Sooo Far Away

Today he left for miramar and im stuck in ohio wait to see him at christmas, i really wish i could be with him, the time diffrence is hard to i mean ill call to go t bed and hell be going to dinner, i liked going to sleep at the same sime because it made me feel closer, am i crazy? Idk i just know im a wreak and need someOne who understands.
Alesha13 Alesha13
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2012

It's weird that's exactly how I feel haha! 3 days ago my boyfriend got stationed in Cali at Pendleton and I have been a wreck. The time difference is bothering me too!! I liked to go to sleep at the same<br />
Time, and just be on the same time schedule haha. I don't like knowing that right now it's lunch time here and only breakfast time for him haha. It's such a hard transition but I'm hoping as time goes on it will become easier.