Unconditional Love

Hey ladies if you read my previous story on Advice I think u will appreciate this.Let's begin by saying I love my Marine more than anything humanly possible .Do i want to live with him for the rest of my life .Yes I do.Am I lonely because I have not heard from him ,yes exceedingly lonely.Today I have learnt what unconditional love is;
Unconditional love is knowing that you may lose that which you love the most and still wish them well,
Unconditional love is taking the brunt of the pain even when you know you are right about a situation,
Unconditional love is saying to your Marine that the choice is yours to make about a situation even though the outcome will break your heart into a million pieces ,
Unconditional love is Loving your Marine inspite of what physical defects he may come back with,
Lastly unconditional love may mean looking at your Marine riding off into the sunset without u and you still wish him the best ,why must you do that you may ask and the answer should be clear:
Because I love my Marine unconditionally.
If I say to u that at this time I feel happy ,I would be lying.It hurts like hell ,But I have to and did come to terms with the fact that if someone cannot love me unconditionally ,then that love is not worth having.I love you Marine wherever you are and with tears in my eyes not knowing what the outcome may be all I can say is that I love u .Unconditionally.
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