So Heartbreaking

So Rob's family day event thing for his unit was yesterday and that was a blast. He was exhausted after so he fell asleep on me for awhile which I didn't really mind haha. I went home smelling like him :) Anyways after he woke up we were watching tv and the timer went off and neither of us felt like turning it back on so we started talking. I feel so bad for him no one he works with takes pride in their job and they are the laziest people ever. So Rob being who he is takes on the brunt of the work load, basically doing everything that needs to get done. He is soo beyond stressed out because he is still on medical orders from the deployment because of his shoulder. But he's even having problems with that. His orders are all messed up so once again he's without medical coverage for like the third time this summer. So he can't even get fixed and he is stressing about that and all the bullshit paper work that has to go into that. He has to re-enroll in DEERS and the clinic and get refferals and **** every time he gets new orders in order to try and fix his shoulder and he's reaching his breaking point for that. But at work like I said he's the only one that really does anything (and I've heard this from the other guys he works with) and he gets **** for it, like he's sucking up or trying to get noticed by his higher ups which is not the case. And he's once again at his breaking point for that as well. He's thought about just not getting fixed and dealing with his shoulder on his own so he doesn't have to work with them on a daily basis. Plus the work load is crazy for them, he doesn't get a day off and when he does he gets called in to do something. So he is just overworked and tired. They are all so unreliable and lazy that his SSGT uses him as point of contact instead of this SGT and Rob's a LCPL. His SGT openly admits to not wanting to do anything and delegating things to everyone else. Then we started to talk about while he was in Afghanistan. He told me he was basically alone all the time for the entire seven months. No one wanted to hang out with him because he actually did his job and wasn't lazy nor complaining about it. He also wanted to learn as much as he could about the other vehicles. He worked through lunch every day and no one ever offered to bring him anything and then when he would go he would eat alone whether it be lunch or dinner or whatever. No one would tell him when they had classes after lunch when he was in the motor pool working through lunch so he'd randomly show up after finding out after the class had started. Just hearing all this about him being the loner because he actually wanted to work and take pride in his job kills me. I know if I was deployed and things were like that, idk if I could handle not having anyone. I just hate seeing him so stressed out and everything. This is the first time he really opened up to me about everything, which I'm so very thankful that he did. But I didn't realize how ****** his daily life is and there is nothing I can do about it at all, there really isn't anything he can do about it. I just hope things get better or that the months move quickly so that he is fixed and off orders again.
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I heard the same in the first couple of months in the marines AJ had the same problems good news though is there are people around like him and he'll them eventually I really hope soon though!!

Unfortunatly I've heard this from quite a few guys that actually care about their jobs. I hope he moves up in rank quickly so he can be the guy with a little more power and make sure people are getting things done. It won't be like this forever and it's good he's letting it out and not bottling it up or it could be much worse.

I wish he could move up in rank quicker. His mos is the second largest so moving up rank is really slow.

that sucks but chances are his higher ups are watching and seeing him bust his butt and will do what they can to move him up when they can

They same thing happened to my husband over there. He would work and when he'd go for lunch he'd be alone. At the time of deployment he was LCpl so I know exactly what you mean. It hurts but it gets better. Have faith

That is truly heart breaking and its terrible that hes stuck with such a crappy group of people, he is lucky to have you. i couldnt imagine having a deployment experience like his and while my guy has a good work ethic and lazy guys with him as well at least he has good higher ups that arent lazy. I wish you and Rob the best and hope his shoulder gets better as well as his work environment.