22 Days

In the begining of our relationship everything was perfect. I had found my soul mate and I was more then pleased to be with him. Everything was great until I found out about his lies. It crushed me. It left us in the midst of a Brutal battle of me begging why and him giving no answers.We would fight until 5 am until I would just hang up the phone because I was tired of his abuse. I still have no answers but Im trying. Ive been trying so hard for the last two weeks to drop it. Not forget what he did but forgive. I havent brought up any of his lies, or the girls, even though its this burning question inside my head on a daily basis. we have both really been trying to fix this. The last couple of days has been hard for me. I dont know if hes doing it on purpose or what. Hes been ignorning my calls. I have to call 2 or 3 times before he bothers to pick up. He doesnt want to skype. He gives me the excuse of hes bumming internet right now and he doesnt have a good connection. Well to me thats funny considering hes on facebook all day. Then yesterday, I called on my smoke break, no answer. I called at lunch.: no answer. I called after work: no answer. I called before I went to my photo shoot: a 5 min convo consisting of "there better be no guys there! Call me as soon as you get back" After my photoshoot: I called talked for a half a hour. Then he said he had to go to the drug store down the street and he would be about half an hour and he would call me back. He never called me back. So i went out with my friends and before I went since we were going for a two hour drive I called him. Another no answer. So last night when I got back I called, another no answer. But then I noticed he was online on BOTH skype and facebook so I called again. After 5 rings he finally picked up. Hi? oh hey babe! like nothing is going on so i said what are you doing? hes like oh im just chillen. is that why you didnt answer your phone or call me back when you saw that I called? Oh sorry.
Im so confused. Im trying so hard to make this work and then he does this. :(
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My advice is to quit calling him all together. Don't even bother communicating with him. See if he even puts the effort onto talking to you. If he doesn't then you know the answer.... End it. Because you deserve so much more than that. It takes two people to make a relationship not one giving their all

Oh no!! I'm so sorry!!! I get trying to make it work, but you cant just bury your emotions in an effort to keep things going. You need to confront him. Tell him how all this is going to feel. And do it in a way where you aren't accusing him!! Best of luck.

I have and when I state my feelings he tells me im ruining it

Wow. Your not ruining it. He is. A husband is suppose to be loving a supportive. Comforting. He seems like at this point he is none of those things. Don't let him manipulate you. I obviously don't know everything, I'm not in your shoes. But wow. I don't know what to tell you except that you deserve more than that. More attention, more understanding, and more love!! Dont loose yourself in trying to keep him happy. :( wish there was more I could say to help

I understand exactly what you are saying. Its so hard to keep going with my head up:(

Well stay strong! And remember everything happens for a reason. And if this is rock bottom, the only way things can go is up right?! Best of luck!

Thanks Lady :)

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