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This is not military related but it does have to do with EP. Do any of you other girls have an issue with random people becoming your fan? I keep getting people that aren't in any of my groups becoming my fan. Is there a point to this? Do they get extra trophies when they have x number of friends or something?
bluejay2272 bluejay2272
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2012

No I think they are just extra creepy and creep through some groups. I usually just go to their profile and block their *** before they try to message me or anything haha

I just don't understand the point. I block them as well. The thing that confused me the most was today I had a woman in her 40s add me with over 500 experiences but none the same as mine!

Yea I get mostly guys between mid twenties and forties who all have sexual experience and nothing in common

That is what I usually get too. And most of the time they don't have any stories...I just keep thinking to myself, this is not a dating website!