Does It Get Easier?

So my guy isn't a marine yet, didn't go off to boot camp yet or anything but he did go to a camp this summer in VA for a week. IT SUCKS!! It's so hard since I can't text him or call him or anything =[ and it's only a WEEK! How do you girlfriends/wives do it for 3 months of basic training or even longer for deployments?

You guys are amazing. There's always something I want to share with him. Something funny to tell him, or questions to ask.
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2012

My guy hasnt left for boot either , if you ever want to talk message me.

thanks I deff will =]

It never gets easier, you just become used to it. Whenever he's gone I write letters (email) to him in which I tell him about my day and just the little things that I wanted to share with him or ask him and hopefully get an answer within the next week or so haha. You just kinda get used to not talking to them for weeks due to missions or boot. When they are gone it helps knowing that they aren't talking to you because they don't want to it's because they can't and they are doing something most people don't have the balls to do.

thank you so much =] and you're right about most people not having the balls ;]

No it is not easy, I try .ot to think.of it as not being able to not see or talk to.him I see it as he is doing his job and its very dangerous . And the moment when I do talk or see him it means so much more . You know ? Lol ever wanna talk you can message me :)

thank you =]