Need Advice. Dont Know What To Do..

Going to be straight out and simple here...

My bf is in Cali now and im in Miami. Our long distance isn't an issue.. however.. 2days ago I found out about some major flirting he did with this girl over fb. How did I find out? I simply went on his fb.
I know flirting happens but he took it way too far.. and he got busted. Now idk if to break up with him or what.. this has been his 3rd time messing up. All he kept telling me is he didnt know why he did that.. it was just a conversation.. but what really hurt was the things he said to her.. especially saying that being single wouldnt be the worst thing in the world right now, ouch.
So he had no explanation, only that he is more than ashamed and embarrassed for being caught. I told him I dont want to talk to him for a while.. to think about stuff. He still hasnt said anything just that its not like the right time or whatever that means..

Any advice or opinions would be nice.. :/ thanks.
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Honestly if you really love this man, I wouldn't leave him just yet. Tell him that you have given him so many chances and this was the 3rd time messing up. Let him know that you aren't going to deal<br />
With that bs and that you want a break to think things over. Assure him that you still love him, but he needs to prove his love for you, or you're not gonna wait on him anymore. Don't text or call him first. Let him do all the work. If he doesn't try to contact you like at all within a weeks span, leave him. You don't deserve a man who is treating you like a dog. He will realize what he has.... If he truly loves you!

Thanks a lot to everyone! I am definitely hurting . and its sucks I feel like a fool. Just been hard 5yrs with him. it sucks..

I'm sorry but I have to agree....I can see it happening ONE time but three is just a little too hard to buy. You deserve better than someone who would disrespect you. He doesn't care that he hurt you, just that he got caught. You can do better than this!! I'm so sorry, I know you are hurting right now. Hugs!! :(

I'll tell you what you should do, although whether you listen to it is your own business. DROP THE *******!<br />
<br />
His THIRD time doing it? That means he DID know what he was doing. And you don't say **** like it might be better being single if there isn't a part. Let him actually get real consequences for his actions. You deserve better, and you deserve someone you can actually trust! (plus, truthfully, for my ex douchebag, I gave him three strikes. then he was out.)

From what you said, it sounds that he just regrets about getting caught. Then again, he did do it on a nonprivate forum where you could easily see it. How mature is he? Far be it from me to tell you what to do, but, i can tell you that You deserve to be treated better.