Any Tips/ Advice From Experienced Marine Girlfriends!

Hey Girls!! :)

My boyfriend of almost a year leaves for boot camp at Parris Island in two weeks and I was just wondering if any one had any suggestions or tips of how to handle the last couple weeks with him or anything special that I could do for him? I never thought I could do the military life style but here I am about to face it! I am just really nervous about how the distance and lack of communication works and such! Any advice would be grateful! The only thing I have heard is to stay busy ( which I will be doing being that I am getting my masters) but just wanting more advice! Thanks!
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WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! i find that is the best thing! when i'm sad i write, when i'm happy, i write! i try to keep him filled in on EVERYTHING! i feel like he's missing so much!! find support groups!! there's a FANTASTIC one on facebook!! 'Marine Love Semper Fidelis' i'd highly recommend those ladies to anyoneee for support! whether you're going through boot camp, MCT, MOS, deployment! anything & everything, those ladies will get you through it!!! yes, staying busy helps but also sometimes you just need people who understand! i was staying busy ALL THE TIME but when you feel alone, it doesnt help! if you ever need to talk, feel free to message me <3

thank you so, so much for all your tips and advice so far! I already feel so much better about him leaving and knowing I can get thru this with support! Our entire relationship has been anticipation in terms of finding out when he is going to leave for bootcamp! Originally it was November ( 7 months after being sworn it but that is the military for ya) but then he was put in the DEP ( delayed entry program) and got moved up to August ( this month). Its just gonna be really weird, strange and sad to know that I can't just pick up the phone and call him or text him thru out the day or ask him if he wants to grab dinner! The voicemail idea is a great idea! I talked to him about it today and he is down!! I was def. planning on writing eat least 4 to 5 times a week, if not more than that! I have heard that even though they can not write you much, getting letters means the world to them! We keep joking around that we are going to just be bf/ gf penpals for a few months! Do you all think the first couple weeks are the worse? I am in the teaching field ( getting my masters) and have to go student teach the day he leave so hoping I am not a emotional wrench!! Thank you so so much for you guy's support and I know with groups like this, I can get thru it! :)

yeah the first 2 weeks were pretty bad for me, but it usually hit me the worst when i was alone or at night, i teared up a bit here and there in public but i never like broke down and cried at work or anything, cz you're busy and you're not thinking of it, so idk, i wouldnt worry about it, haha

Sometimes it just helps to write. I know you'll hear that a lot but for me it just helps me clear my head and really say how I feel, plus it helps you think about what you're going to say. Keeping a positive fr<x>ame of mind is so so important-every time we've had problems in our relationship, my fiance and I have lost that positive attitude (usually more me than him). Once he's done with boot and can talk to you more, set up a skype date night when you can, it will make all the difference just to see each other and talk. Never ever give up on yourself or your Marine. You WILL make it through this! This site is full of amazing ladies who give so much love and support. We will help you through and I know you'll help too. Good luck! Message me if you want to talk, my name is Autumn :)

(Everything they said was so true! lol) If you want any ideas of stuff to do before he leaves i would say have him leave you a cute voicemail or something like that so you can hear his voice. Since my bf left 5 weeks ago i listen to my old voicemails of him alot just to hear him. Also you might want to write him a letter for him to take and read on the plane ride to boot camp (and have him write you one too if he's willing) so it gives you something to have from him to read while you wait for the first letter cz that will take around 2 weeks. <br />
Other then that all i have to say is the distance actually has made me appreciate my boyfriend so so so much more now that i see what it's like without him. If anything you guys are gonna fall more in love with the lack of constant communication. I feel like im crushing on my guy all over again haha.♥ oh and like they said, try to mail him a letter everyday, cz wouldn't you want him to do the same if he had as much time as you? ok that's all haha. :)

I so agree about the voicemail. The day he left he texted me not to answer my phone so he would leave me a voicemail. I go back and listen to it whenever I miss him, make him feel like he is right next to me. And yea, it feels like the distance has only made us stronger. I feel like I fall a little more in love with him with each letter I receive. You just have to learn to be paitient, be strong and stay busy!

My boyfriend has now been gone a month at boot camp. I remember being a few weeks out before he left and just crying everyday. But don't do that! Just enjoy his last weeks as much as possible. Do fun things! Those first few weeks he is gone will be hard, but like others have said it gets so much better after you get a letter. I've gotten 6 now and every time you one you are on this high for the rest of the day. Not having communication is hard but those letters are precious. The things he will write you will treasure forever! I am too getting my masters and working so that keeps me busy. The weekends are the hardest. So I make lists of things I can do every weekend in case I have free time. And bluejay is right, you have to learn to enjoy the little things. They are all you really have until he returns. And yes, write as often as possible! I write every night before I go to bed, it makes me feel like I'm actually talking to him. And he will love them. My boyfriend wrote me that the day he got my first letters (he got 8 at once) was the best day of his life. They need us as much as you need him. Stay strong. I'm only a month in and it has gotten so much better. Feel free to message me any time.

The lack of communicattion is hard but you will be so happy when you receive your first letter...and any after that! As far as suggestions on the time you have with him, all I can really say is make the most of it. Remember that he will want to spend time with his family and friends before leaving and as much as I'm sure you want him to yourself (I know I did!) Just remember to be patient and share lol. One of the best things to do while he is gone is to stay busy as you have heard. I would also add that you should do things that make you happy! When my bf was gone for the first three or four weeks I bought myself a cheap boquet of flowers that made me smile everytime I saw them. It's the little things that can really help sometimes (at least in my experience). Another great way to help is write him as often as you can! He will appreciate it more than you will ever understand. Letters are his only communication to the outside world while he is in boot camp. Letters are also a great way for you to stay busy a little bit. :) if you have any questions feel free to message me!